5 Underrated Fitness Activities You Need To Start Including In Your Workout Routine

The same two or three fitness activities you do everyday can get monotonous with time, especially when you’re in a set routine. More so, you might hit a plateau after a few months. Which is why cross-training is the answer to all your workout woes! Now, we’re not asking you to drop what you already do, but including these activities in your routine to shake things up a bit is always a good idea!

Jumping rope

5 Underrated Fitness Activities You Need To Start Including In Your Workout Routine

No matter what everyone thinks, jumping rope is not just for kids. Apart from being one of the best cardiovascular exercises you could do, it’s also known to have benefits for the brain. Increasing concentration and improving coordination are only a few of the endless list of boons this activity offers. Not to forget, it’s possibly the most fun activity once you get the hang of it. For an average person, skipping rope can burn around 15 calories a minute(think 150 calories in 10 minutes)! And it’s inexpensive, a rope costing next to nothing.


Using the stairs as equipment

5 Underrated Fitness Activities You Need To Start Including In Your Workout Routine

A little broke right now? We have the perfect equipment for you; it’s practically free. Just tie up your shoes, look for a flight of stairs and GO! Studies show that climbing up and down a flight of 20 stairs can burn 15 calories. WHAT

That’s right. And climbing isn’t the only thing stairs are useful for. You can jump from stair to stair to get a good cardio, even squat from one stair to next. Lunges, inclined pushups, mobility exercjses – tiny names in the long list of how you can occupy stairs. 


Playing outside

5 Underrated Fitness Activities You Need To Start Including In Your Workout Routine

As a kid, you wouldn’t come back inside when your parent asked you to. Now, you don’t even play outside. But playing really isn’t just for kids or sportspersons, it’s for everyone. 

You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing!

Games such as football, basketball, dodgeball, badminton, tennis, hockey, cricket and so many more have a thing for seeking your 100% attention, so it’s obvious these games help improve concentration and coordination, too. Playing outdoor games also allows us to use almost every muscle-grouo of our bodies, targetting it as a whole and leading to change all-around. 

Cycling or spinning

5 Underrated Fitness Activities You Need To Start Including In Your Workout Routine

When was the last time you went out cycling or took a spin class? Strong glutes, hamstrings and quads come as a consequence of moving your legs and having fun! Cycling also helps immensely in improving posture, and cycling outdoors remarkably enhances your focus. Studies show that for a 150 something lbs person going at the moderate speed of 12 to 14 mph, cycling burns 298 calories in just half an hour. So if you’re thinking of getting in shape, improving your metabolism and strengthening your legs, cycling is the thing for you!


5 Underrated Fitness Activities You Need To Start Including In Your Workout Routine

Not just in parties, okay? Dancing is a fully blown strength and mobility workout and it’s about time we started thinking of it as an ‘exercise’, too! Now, don’t say but I don’t know how to. You don’t have to!

Simply put on some music and start moving your hands and legs any way you want. Don’t worry about what others are going to say; dancing is about letting go! 

Dancing leads to increased flexibility, mobility, agility and balance – all the stuff required for fluid movement. It also helps improve your muscle tone and bone quality! If you’re looking at dancing from a weight-loss perspective, it’s said that it burns an average of 9.5 calories per minute. But take our advice and go as slow or as fast as you want. If you have a partner, try to engage them in your flow for a guaranteed better chemistry. Dancing truly is underrated when it comes to a wholesome experience, and you’ll find that out once you try!

All these wonderful activities that we’ve mentioned have been proven to bring down stress levels and lead to better heart, bone and muscle health. Which one are you going to give a shot to?

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