Keep Your Space Forever Fresh With These 7 Indoor Plants

Think of your room as your haven, your safe retreat. Your space can be whatever you want it to be, and the one thing that makes a statement like nothing else is bringing nature to your room.

Indoor plants have different purposes – purifying the air of the room, keeping the space fragrant, and reducing stress to induce better sleep – and we’ve got your back in every regard. Below are the 7 air purifying indoor plants we love and keep, and we’re hoping you would too!

Peace Lily 

Keep Your Space Forever Fresh With These 7 Indoor Plants

Peace lily is a serene houseplant that everyone loves to keep in their bedrooms, and they have a good reason for it. The glossy leaves of this beauty can be happy in high and even low-light conditions.  Whatever your irrigation habits are, peace lily will be happy to live off them. The best part is that you don’t have to worry and wonder about when to water them. They’re great  communicators and will show you when they need water – by wilting their leaves, and will be happy and cheerful once they’ve quenched their thirst. 

Keeping your peace lily plant near your bedroom window is always a good idea, because this increases the production of the white “peace flower”, which will cheer you up for weeks.

English Ivy

Keep Your Space Forever Fresh With These 7 Indoor Plants

Okay, we know what you’re gonna say. “But English ivy is so wild and spreads everywhere”. But, listen to us. 

Even though this plant can be pretty “unkempt” outdoors, there’s a great trick to taming them in your bedroom. They can look incredibly beautiful and give you a fairy-tale feeling. You can take advantage of ivy’s spreading tendencies by training the vines across hoops, grills, bars, or just about anything you want. A living, breathing work of art – how about that? 

These vines can live in almost all light conditions and don’t get too thirsty. Forgot to water your English ivy for a week? No problem. They’ll survive one week  watering breaks with a smile.

The Gerber Daisy

Keep Your Space Forever Fresh With These 7 Indoor Plants

Even though the Gerber dairy plant isn’t as “easy” as some other indoor plants, how beautiful it looks in your room will convince you to get it! This plant won’t go with too little or too much light, and you’ll have to be regular with the watering but, oh but, how beautiful they do look when they’re in bloom! People call this plant ‘etherea’ for a reason! 

Because the daisy thrives mostly in greenhouse-like conditions, you might have to replace the plant every now and then. But it is totally worth keeping in your bedroom. When in full bloom, the plant might even take away some pollutants from the air and leave the room fresh.


Keep Your Space Forever Fresh With These 7 Indoor Plants

Want a non fussy plant? Philodendrons are the way to go if you’re looking for a plant that is (i) beautiful, (ii) doesn’t need too much water (iii) is as happy being the sidekick as it is being the main chick. These plants require a high to moderate amount of light, so make sure you don’t place them in super dim areas. Use them in a hanging basket, or even as your table-plant, and they’ll be happy. If you want to, you can also root a new plant in a vase of water and propagate more plants for the purpose of beauty and collection.

Aloe Vera

Keep Your Space Forever Fresh With These 7 Indoor Plants

Not a person exists who doesn’t know the innumerable benefits of aloe vera. Skin issues? Digestive issues? Hair issues? *Name a thousand other issues* Aloe vera has got your back like no other plant when it comes to natural remedies. And what could possibly be better than having this godsend in your own bedroom?

The fleshy (and oddly satisfying to cut!?!?) leaves of aloe vera will need a bright spot in your bedroom, preferably close to the window, but they’re okay with you not watering them for a couple of days. Use the gel in these leaves for cuts, sunburns, infections and more, and have a happy aloe vera life!


Keep Your Space Forever Fresh With These 7 Indoor Plants

The one herb we all love is rosemary, and what we love even more is the strong and soothing aroma that comes with it. This plant is sure to improve your sleep quality and keep your cool even when you think you’re losing it. The heady aroma of rosemary has been shown to reduce anxiety and help with meditation, too. What’s better is that you can snip off a sprig or two while cooking something fancy. Rosemary is a delicacy and an absolute bedroom treasure, you can take our word for it.


Keep Your Space Forever Fresh With These 7 Indoor Plants

Jasmine is as helpful as it is beautiful. If you’ve been thinking that it’s ‘just’ a pretty plant, we are here to correct you. 

Jasmine aroma oil finds a high place in aromatherapy and is often used by people who love peace of mind. Why do you think this is?

According to a German study, the sweet scent of jasmine reduces anxiety, improves your deep sleep time, sleep quality in general and makes sure you wake up feeling fresh and loved.

Which of these air purifying indoor plants are you going to get?

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