7 Animes Like One Piece You Need To Watch Now

One Piece anime is the craziest pirate adventure out there! The Straw Hat Crew and Monkey D Luffy are epic and take you on a thrilling adventure ride. Luffy is a pirate King wannabe, who wants to get the One Piece treasure to become the Pirate King. This leads to a thrilling and fun filled adventure in the oceans.

If you have loved this series and want to binge watch some similar animes like One Piece, add the below animes to your list and get ready for your weekend binge.

  1. 1 Naruto

    Ninja stories are equally thrilling and packed with action. Naruto is a one such ninja story. The story is about Naruto, a boy who has a demon fox sealed within him. The soul of the Nine Tails fox was sealed within him by his own father for a very special reason when he had thwarted an attack on the village. Naruto is a mischievous boy but is alienated because of the demon fox within him. He vows to be a great Ninja and eventually ends up becoming the Hokage, meaning, leader of the Leaf Village. 

  2. 2 Gin Tama

    Gin Tama is another anime series that is a laugh riot. The series has the world diverging into a multiverse. Gintoki has a brave heart of a Samurai and he and his friends are the soul of the show. Not just this, the series has everything from samurais, ninjas, gangs, pirates to aliens. It keeps jumping from one place to another and even one plot to the other. It is a parody of many movies and shows making it a complete laugh riot.

  3. 3 One Punch Man

    One Punch Man is the story of a caped hero who is, as the name suggest, a ‘One Punch Man’. Saitama is your hero who likes being a hero for the excitement and fun and also for the money. But not everybody thinks he is a hero. He can can take down any villain and adversary with just a punch. Thus proving that he is the strongest. But does the One Punch Man love his powers?

  4. 4 Dragon Ball

    Dragon Ball is a pretty popular series. It was first released in 1984. It’s the story of Goku who sets out on a mission to collect the seven dragon balls. These can be used to summon Shenron the dragon who can then grant them one wish. In his pursuit he destroys the Red Ribbon Army. When his martial arts training partner is killed by Piccolo Daimao, Goku then takes revenge for the death of his friend. He learns that the dragon balls can grant his wish and bring his friend back to life. This is an adventure series and you will thoroughly enjoy it.

  5. 5 Food Wars: Shokugei No Soma

    For those of you who love food, Shokugei No Soma is a delicious pleasure to watch. The story is about Soma the young chef who enters Totsuki Culinary Academy. To stay in the academy, he needs to face and win culinary battles or he could face expulsion. He is adamant on surpassing his father’s cooking skills. Watch the series to see how he proves his skills. Make sure to watch this one with a plate of food in front of you!

  6. 6 Hunter X Hunter

    Enter the universe of hunters, where Hunters are the VIPs of the Hunter X Hunter world. The story is about Gon, who has been left in his Aunt’s care. He always wonders about the hunter’s life for which his father has left him with his aunt. He hunts down the God of the lake and goes on to earn his hunter license. He then sets out to become a great hunter. But he needs to pass the compulsory hunter examination for getting the hunter’s license first. Watch this series for exciting adventures of Gon and friends.

  7. 7 Fairy Tail

    Friendship has the power to change the world along with magic. Fairy Tail is similar to One Piece as it portrays the power of friendship. Both series talk about the power of NAKAMA (friend/crewmen in Japanese). Fairy Tail is the story of wizards. Lucy is a celestial wizard on a journey. She wishes to join the Fairy Tail, a crazy and notorious Wizard’s guild. She meets Happy and Natsu and hence begins their wacky and crazy magical journey. 

    Did we miss out on any good animes? Tell us in comments below.              

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