7 Fashion Trends To Give You That K-Drama Look!

‘K-Drama is life’, might be a simple sentence for many but for some, this very statement means a ton! I’m not even joking about it nor am I in any mood to exaggerate this stuff. K-Drama lovers are a community that, if could, they would have migrated to South Korea with dreams in their eyes to have Lee Min-ho for themselves! Am I right or am I absolutely correct?

The love for K-Drama is at the peak and there is an absolute chance of a thousand percent that it will still be on a rise. Keeping all this in mind, it’s not surprising that people love to imitate their fashion trends or they try to go for a look that will give them the feel of a real-life K-Drama! Well, we heard you guys, so here we are with a list of things fashion trends in korea that will surely give you that K-Drama look!

Bow hair-pin

7 Fashion Trends To Give You That K-Drama Look!

This one is very common, almost all the girls in K-Drama use this once in the entire series. The pins are basically a giant bow, not too huge, but large enough to be seen and make a statement! You can try that with a dress or a skirt, long skirt, oversized hoods, or joggers, basically whatever goes well with it. The bow pin can also give a feminine look and can also be a balancing feature where you can use to get a hint of femininity, only if you want that of course!

Mom jeans

7 Fashion Trends To Give You That K-Drama Look!

No, mom jeans are not just for mom, despite the name, the jeans are suitable for everyone. These loose yet extremely stylish jeans are a common look that most of the K-Drama girls go for. The mom jeans are a perfect fit for every season, be it winter, summer, or spring. The jeans look equally good with a hood and a crop top as well. If you like K-Drama look, you should definitely try this one once, you will surely love it.

 Baggy sweaters

7 Fashion Trends To Give You That K-Drama Look!

Baggy sweaters are so common in K-Drama that it is often recognized as something that is taken directly from Korea. Baggy sweaters as well can fit well in winters with a skirt, jeans, overcoats, or long skirts. The sweater gives a casual look but also can be transformed into a professional one if tucked in. A date where the look involves a baggy sweater with a dress is commonly loved and goes beautifully with the entire situation.

 Platform boots

7 Fashion Trends To Give You That K-Drama Look!

Platform boots are not just for getting an extra inch with the height but also a signature look when it comes to dressing. Mostly seen in the K-Drama, these boots are an all-season thing that goes in with all the outfits no matter what season. You can carry them with a winter look with jeans, overcoat, sweater, or just or can also pair them with a summer look with a skirt and top! Basically, they sure are versatile.

Cute clips

7 Fashion Trends To Give You That K-Drama Look!

The cute clips are usually not loud. A tiny flower or a small pearl is usually enough to give to that cute K-Drama look that is often seen in the Korean series. They, of course, have no season and can go with all the outfits. Just like the bow clip, this too can be used as something to give a college girl look or can be used to balance out an outfit, which again, you can do only if you want to.


7 Fashion Trends To Give You That K-Drama Look!

Among skirts, long ones are sure to trend. They give a pure K-Drama look especially if the tone of the skirt is soft or if it includes nets, laces, and such. Such skirts are equally used in winters as well with sweaters l, hoodies, and coats. The florals are a usual look that the K-Drama girls use. No matter what look you want to go for, from a college girl to a professional, they sure will give you a style a hind of Korean dramas.


7 Fashion Trends To Give You That K-Drama Look!

Ribbons are often seen not only in the hair of people in K-Drama but also it is seen as being carried in the most casual manner for almost everything. You can carry it as an accessory on your handbag, bags, and other such places where it does not necessarily have to be a part of your garment as it can easily be something that you carry casually! The ribbon gives a soft look and is often seen as something that is influenced by the K-Drama or Korean style.

Well, these were some of the fashion trends in korea that you can go for which sure will give you that feeling of K-Drama and will help you set such an image where you can flaunt your love for the Korean Drama without actually saying it!

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