7 Iconic Hairstyles From The Last 100 Years!

Who doesn’t love to style their hair? Even the Stone Age people would have probably used stones and bones to cut and accessorize their logs! It was just an assumption please do not take it to heart and add to your history answers. Anyway, the point is that humanity has seen a number of hairstyles throughout the last century. Some were downright bizarre while a few were bearable. But some, on the other hand, made history by the kind of look they ended up giving.

I’m talking about the hairstyles that gelled so well with us that people can still pull it off with correct attire. No matter how old the style might be. I mean, if that is not iconic, then I dunno know what is. So, we thought to take a look back at all these iconic hairstyles that made their name in the last 100 years. I mean, top 7, I cannot possibly cover all the good ones. So, let’s just stick with the top 7 for now.

The Bob

7 Iconic Hairstyles From The Last 100 Years!
Wikimedia Commons / Robertson-Cole Pictures Corporation

Even if you have never cut your hair, you still would be knowing about this one. I mean, if you don’t, you are definitely living under a rock or probably a mountain, to be honest. The bob cut is one of the most known iconic hairstyles that can never go out of style. The haircut made its way in 1915. However, the cut gained more popularity in the 1920s. Hence, making it one of the most preferred choices in the 1920s and onwards. To date, people go for this look. It has become so diverse that the stylist will probably offer you various ‘types’ of bob to go for!

Pin Curls

7 Iconic Hairstyles From The Last 100 Years!

This one has a unique image to it. Unlike Bob, this one is quite rare to be seen so often on the streets. But the haircut is still an iconic one that people opt for from time to time. Pin curls originated in the 1920s. They were on the center stage of the fashion world until the very 1950s. The curls today have a vibe that checks with the 50s era, of course. The pin curls definitely prioritize the higher number of curls making it something different for that era. But don’t worry you can absolutely go for them with cute or strong attire.

The Perm

7 Iconic Hairstyles From The Last 100 Years!

This was probably the one that made it into every household. Men, women, others, everyone just loved these extreme curls that the perm gave. Perm was on peak especially during the 1980s. The hairstyle was opted by people of every class and style. No matter the length of the hair, the perm still aced every hairdo. It might not be that common to be seen now but the popularity and love this style gained during its time, definitely make it worthy to be on this list.


7 Iconic Hairstyles From The Last 100 Years!

Every fan of rock music is familiar with this look. The look gained its name and popularity in the 1970s. Music was the introducer here. Rock music bands and singers were the ones to go for this look which gave it rapid recognition. Punk is still something that people go for especially rock music lovers and artists. The look is also famous with Goth lovers. The perfect partner of this look is a little bit of colour and you are good to go to ace this iconic look.

Curtain Hair

7 Iconic Hairstyles From The Last 100 Years!

The look that every Hollywood star opted for at least once in their entire career. The look has been in the fashion industry from the Edwardian period and still is very common to be seen. It’s mostly opted by people with a few long logs. Middle or side partition and you are ready. Curtain look was once the go-to hairstyle of every main character in the movies and still kinda is. No matter the nature of the hair, the look will still ace it. Straight or wavy, this hairstyle is definitely one of the most preferred ones. An iconic look, one should definitely try once.

The Rachel

7 Iconic Hairstyles From The Last 100 Years!

Do I even need to elaborate on this one? The iconic Rachel look from Friends. Also, if you have not seen the show and have no clue what I’m talking about, please go and watch the show. Not just for the look but because you simply should not miss such an iconic show, until absolutely necessary. Coming back to the hairstyle. Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel look was something that just sat so deep inside the minds of people that it became a look! The hairstyle, of course, came out of the show and made its way to everyone who not only watched the show but other people as well. But then again, most of the people watched the show. So, the point is, please watch Friends.

Stick Straight

7 Iconic Hairstyles From The Last 100 Years!

The early 2000s stick straight hairstyle is still on the streets. Something different in the fashion world was extremely straight hair. People maybe wanted to try something different from the curls that ruled the world. Stick straight is still something that people go for and is very common. It can go with any attire and have this calm vibe of its own. You can sure go for this one no matter what occasion. It sits well with any length and simply something almost everyone can pull!

Well, of course, there are much more to be mentioned here but maybe next time. For now, these are some of the most popular hairstyles that have maintained an iconic image in the last 100 years. Feel free to go for any of them!

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