7 Lost Cities That Were Submerged Under Water

History is not always boring. In fact, sometimes, it’s full of such exciting mysteries that you simply cannot help but find yourself attracted to all the historical possibilities. One such area of history that deals with such adventures are ancient cities. Ancient, lost cities that disappeared from existence. Confused? Well, let us give a hint. We are talking about cities like Atlantis! Yes, you guessed that correctly. We are talking about lost cities that were submerged underwater However, unlike Atlantis, we will be focusing on the underwater cities that were found.  So here are 7 ancient cities that went underwater!

Royal Port

7 Lost Cities That Were Submerged Under Water
viw Wikimedia Commons/Jessica Wadsworth

Royal Port in Jamaica was a perfect hangout spot for pirates. The city was famous for its ports and attracted many pirates to do all kinds of activities. The involvement of treasure ships was what gained it a popular name among the thieves and pirates. The city had four forts and 20000 buildings. A true port city in all the senses. However, the city went under the Caribbean Sea due to an unfortunate earthquake in 1692. A truly devastating end of a rich city full of pleasures. 

Lion City 

7 Lost Cities That Were Submerged Under Water
via Wikimedia Commons(multiple sources)

Lion City is also known as Shi Cheng city. The city was built from 25 to 200 AD. It was considered one of the most powerful cities of China for many centuries. However, the city was flooded in 1959. And unlike many underwater cities, this one was intentionally flooded to further the construction of a dam. Currently, the city is submerged at the bottom of a reservoir near the picturesque Wu Shi Mountain. 


7 Lost Cities That Were Submerged Under Water
via Wikipedia

Pavlopetri is one of the most mysterious ones on this list. This city was believed to be submerged under the water around 5000 years ago. The city was in Greece, and no one knows what it was originally called. The city was eventually given a modern name, Pavlopetri. According to the archeologists, the city was part of the Minoan dynasty. No one knows who lived here and who built it.  

Villa Epecuen

7 Lost Cities That Were Submerged Under Water
via Wikimedia Commons/Sin datos

Villa Epecuen is a submerged city in Argentina. The city, unlike the others on the list, went underwater just a few years back. It was a thriving city with around 5000 residents and was well known for its business. However, the city went into the lake in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The water receded a bit in 2009, giving a glimpse of some areas of the flooded city. 


7 Lost Cities That Were Submerged Under Water
via Wikimedia Commons/Vinayaraj

One of the most beautiful lost cities, Dwarka is an Indian city that existed only in myths until 1988. The city belongs to Lord Krishna from the mythical epics of India. The city was finally found submerged 100 feet under the Bay of Cambay. The city is full of stories and legends in mythological texts about curses that made this happen, that further deepens the mystery. All kinds of ancient structures and grids of the city were found in the submerged city of Dwarka. 


via Wikipedia

It is also known as the Lost City of Egypt that submerged under the water many years back. At first, the city was only in texts and inscriptions, but the finding flipped the entire theory. The city was finally found a few kilometers off the coast of Alexandria. The city, along with the temple, sounding to whom the city was planned, was discovered. Other ruins, like ships and gold coin treasures, were also discovered in this submerged city. 


7 Lost Cities That Were Submerged Under Water
via Wikimedia Commons/Shtilian Shterev

This city was believed to be the largest city of ancient Greece that went under the water. The city was built around 540 BC. The city is stretched along the Taman Peninsula in the Black Sea. That part of the land is under Russia now. The city is partially submerged underwater and is still filled with a lot of mysteries that are yet to be discovered. A truly golden site for archeologists to be in, isn’t it?

These were some lost cities that went down under the water and made their entire existence a big mystery. Would you like to visit them if given a chance?

These cities were the pinnacle of civilisation. Here’s another. Learn about the ancient trade routes that are still in existence.

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