7 Travel Start-Ups To Follow In 2021 For A Smooth Vacation!

One of the most crucial survival necessities that we humans have realised is searching for independence. And, out of all the areas, financial freedom and work independence is what has resulted in the diversity of the services that can now be seen on offer. 

The market is full of minds that chase the thrill of starting something of their own, resulting in the budding start-ups that we see everyday. Some simply fail and add to the learning journey, while some become the top-draws in their field. With travel being a sector with a dire need for innovation, many travel start-ups have sprung-up as saviours when it comes to smooth trips. Amongst the many travel tech start-ups, we list down our favourites for the year, which can make your next vacay, a dreamy affair!


7 Travel Start-Ups in 2021 That Ensure A Dreamy Vacay!

Mobile phones are now a vital part of our lives, and that goes without saying. Not that we are encouraging a human dependence on technology, but our phones are simply equipped with so many tools that we are compelled to rely on them.

One of the worst scenarios that we can face while travelling is a non-working SIM. A dead SIM means a phone is half useless. Airalo, a smart start-up that takes care of such a situation, is an eSIM start-up company that allows you to buy a temporary eSIM in other countries. It is an already embedded SIM that runs on local networks. The data plans are according to Airalo. We believe that this is a genius service that can save a lot of bread on an international trip.


7 Travel Start-Ups in 2021 That Ensure A Dreamy Vacay!

A large part of traveling is knowing about the new places that you visit. The curiosity about the unknown is what drives our wanderlust. However, physically travelling to every interesting place is simply not feasible.  Being able to travel to a particular event or place every time can be hard on the mind as on the pocket. Keeping this in mind, Port came up with a brilliant idea. Port allows you to book on-demand tour guides in remote places. This enables you to know or attend an event or experience a destination or attraction virtually. Yes, you can be assisted with a new place while living. Video calls and such enables better interaction between you and your booked remote tour guide! Smart, right?


7 Travel Start-Ups in 2021 That Ensure A Dreamy Vacay!

Planning a trip is as tiring as the trip itself; that is the sole reason why so many travel companies are up and standing. But if you are looking to understand the process of planning your trip individually, then Pilot is for you. Pilot allows you to manage your trip on your own. Planning, rummaging and managing a trip has various elements to be looked upon, and Pilot tries to cover almost all the vital ones. You get to keep a track of your expenses and can also get accommodation and transportation information through this. It also lets you be in charge of the documentation required. Definitely something you can try out for freedom and independence even on your vacation!


7 Travel Start-Ups in 2021 That Ensure A Dreamy Vacay!

Trift is similar to Port. Trift understands the complications that arise in frequent trips, so it tries to assist you in making your virtual travel enthralling. You get to see places around the world from the comfort of your home. 

Not just virtual sight-seeing, either. Your tour is guided in order to let you in on the information and facts about the place. Thrift also features stories and experiences by other travellers, making it the perfect platform to experience some raw traveling.

Atamai Labs

7 Travel Start-Ups in 2021 That Ensure A Dreamy Vacay!

What is better than having your own personal guide? Not in a disturbing, intruding manner but in a chilled, non-leering, AI way. Yes, Atamai Labs is a start-up that features a chatbot. This chatbot can be a nice little guide, because it will be there with you 24/7, but it won’t disrupt your privacy. The chatbot answers all your queries in an instant. It can also recommend hotels to choose  from, depending on your budget and preferences. It even can assist the hotels in personalising their services so they can provide their best.


SafarPass is a one-step solution for businesses that involve frequent trips. A business trip can often be difficult to manage because of the time strain placed on it. SafarPass provides an ideal solution on such instances. It provides an interactive platform for you to know the best travel policies along with a plethora of accommodations, plane tickets, bookings, etc to choose from. It also helps you to track your bills, seeing as it has a scanning feature as well.


7 Travel Start-Ups in 2021 That Ensure A Dreamy Vacay!

Viageur is a brilliant, time-saving start-up. Something that often occupies a traveller’s time is the search for a destination. This start-up sorts out this problem for you. It is a platform that provides you with options of places to visit depending on your preferences, budget and experiences. This way, you can easily pick the places that you’re now sure will have your preferred services!

These start-ups can surely make your next trip much easier  With a variety of services to choose from, it has never been easier!

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