7 Weird Cultural Traditions That Will Leave You Confused 

If you’ve lived under a rock all your life, you clearly have no idea what’s going on around the world. Um, no, we aren’t talking about current affairs or world politics. We are here to discuss downright weird cultural traditions and customs from around the world that make no sense to the modern brain, but have ardent, loyal followers and practitioners. There is no scientific basis for these customs, but, to be honest, our ancestors wouldn’t have practiced these traditions if they didn’t work for them. Right? Scroll through to come across seven really weird cultural traditions from around the globe and leave yourself confused!

Koreans judging you based on your blood type

7 Weird Cultural Traditions That Will Leave You Confused

Just like being judged by your zodiac sign, Koreans believe in judging you based on your Blood type. Sounds weird? Yes, it is. But if you’re judgemental, you are a type A! 

Of course, none of these are scientifically verified, so don’t take them literally. It’s the same as attempting to foretell the future using astrological indications or tarot readings — all of it’s for entertainment purposes. But you’ll be amazed at how true some of these traits may be.

Don’t Die (at 81)

7 Weird Cultural Traditions That Will Leave You Confused

People in Bhutan believe it’s very unlucky to die at 81. So if you feel like dying, hold on till you’re 82. Dying at the age of 81 is considered a sin in Bhutan because it will bring bad luck to your family or, worse, the entire community.

But there is a solution! Fortunately for the Bhutanese, surviving family members must hang the 81-year-body old’s upside down from the ceiling until the next Bhutanese New Year. That way you can save the village from getting cursed. 

Detox, Using Grapes?

7 Weird Cultural Traditions That Will Leave You Confused

Since the 1800s, Ukrainians have been using grapes as a detox remedy, primarily to treat cancer. But now the French have taken up this bizarre detox solution and have come up with grape resorts.

Three-day grape detoxes have gained popularity. There is no scientific evidence that grapes may treat cancer or any other condition, although there is some evidence that they can help prevent some forms of cancer.

Wife’s Birthdays and Crime!

Need another reason to move to the lush, highly advanced country of Samoa? If a husband mistakenly forgets his wife’s birthday in this Polynesian area of the Pacific, he is inviting legal trouble. The law of the country dictates that a husband must remember his wife’s birthday, failing which legal action will be taken against him. More a weird law than your everyday weird cultural traditions, the rule isn’t as scary as it sounds, because legal arrangements have been made for the husband to rectify his mistake. LOL.

Buried in a Customised Coffin?

7 Weird Cultural Traditions That Will Leave You Confused

In Ghana, it is tradition to bury the dead in coffins which represent their lives. Custom coffins for people according to their occupation or likes are extremely common. Fishmen in fish shaped coffins and pilots in plane shaped coffins! That probably means you can be buried in a Star Wars themed coffin too!

Lizard Teeth

In a number of countries, tooth sharpening is considered normal and customary, even fashionable! Preferably sharpening the front incisors, ‘lizard men’ began sharpening their teeth primarily for spiritual purposes. Soon, though, the aesthetic Please took over and the original intent was forgotten. Proof has been found in Mexico, Africa, Indonesia and China about the same. 

Which of these weird cultural traditions from around the world is the most bizzare?

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