7 Weird Museums Around The World That Will Make You Feel All Sorts Of Way

Museums usually depict various forms of art, history, culture, archeological findings, space or travel equipment, or the heritage and wealth of people. And then there are some museums that have unusual themes and features. Here’s a list of weirdest museums in the world that you should definitely visit.

  1. 1 Ramen Museum, Japan

     This museum is for ramen lovers. Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum is a Japanese museum about ramen. Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish that was brought to Japan by the Chinese. The first floor includes a gallery that depicts the history of Ramen, which also shows how instant noodles gained popularity. Not just that, it also shows the various bowls, toppings, and forms of ramen that are eaten across Japan. The basement floors depict the old town of Tokyo called Shitamachi. This includes nine restaurants that serve ramen from different regions of Japan. You can visit these restaurants and try their mini ramen versions. 

  2. 2 Leila’s Hair Museum, Missouri

    What comes to your mind when we say Hair Museum? Probably different kinds of hair. But there is more to it when you visit Leila’s Hair Museum. Her museum is located on a roadside in Missouri and is one of kind. She has been collecting hair-made items since the 1950s. These include things like hair wreath, brooches, celebrity snippets. There are neckpieces and jewelry made from hair, paintings painted using hair. Some scenes are from the Victorian age. Leila is the owner of this unique museum and she is a great storyteller and will tell you the story behind the pieces. 

  3. 3 Museum of Sex, New York City

    Daniel Gluck started this Museum of Sex or MoSex, because he wanted to bring to light the history and culture of sex. He wanted to present and preserve the cultural importance of Human sexuality and hence he established this museum. The museum depicts various sexual cultures and preferences including gay and lesbian history, BDSM, Erotica, sex work, and pornography. Everything is displayed in an educational format but because of its content, visitors below the age of 18 are not allowed but it is definitely one of the strangest place to visit.

  4. 4 Sulabh International Museum of Toilets, India

    Sanitation is a global requirement and this museum encapsulates the history of it. The owner Mr. Bineshwar Parhak went around the world looking for the minutest changes and details in the evolution of toilets. His search also included various toilet designs around the world. The museum showcases some rare pictures, objects, and information about the different toilet customs and etiquettes around the world. It also has an exquisite collection of poems written about toilets. Toilets, chamber pots, bidets, water closets and even toilet furniture that have been used since 1145 AD are put on display. It is not a very big museum but definitely worth a visit.

  5. 5 Museum of Bad Art, Massachusetts

    While good art is always appreciated there really is a museum that appreciates bad art. The official motto of the Museum of Bad Art or MOBA is “Art too bad to be ignored.” The best part is you can judge the pairings based on your likings without having to adjust to the norms of art experts. The owner Louise Reilly Sacco feels that art should be displayed in all its glory and that is what is done in her gallery. The art gallery is a kind of community project and they do not charge any entry fee. MOBA is located in 3 locations, the Sommerville Theatre, Brookline Interactive Group, and the New England Wildlife Center.

  6. 6 Cancun Underwater Museum, Mexico

    We all have been to at least one museum. But, how many of us have been to an underwater museum? Museo Subacuático de Arte or MUSA has been constructed underwater near Isla Mujeres, Cancun, and Punta Nizuc. It contains around 500 underwater life-sized sculptures. These sculptures are not just displayed, they are part of a man-made reef. Made with marine clay they provide habitable conditions for coral life and algae. You can see fishermen, school children, local people, hand sculptures. The site can be visited through a glass boat, snorkeling or you can go scuba diving, though scuba diving is not allowed in some areas. 

  7. 7 The Torture Museum, Amsterdam

    There is a history of pain and you can find it in the torture museum. Located near the Flower market this museum depicts the different torture techniques that were used in the past centuries. The museum has torture devices like the guillotine, the rack, the stock, etc placed in small dark rooms. Some are displayed within glass while others are just placed in the room and can be touched. There is also information about how each device was used to torture people depending on the whims and fancy of the public authority. Thankfully we live in modern times and such punishments are now a passé, but the torture museum is worth a visit. 

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