8 Most Scenic Places To Poop: For A Refreshing Time!

I think most of you can relate with me when I say that the most occupying thought in our minds while traveling is about the toilet situation. Whether or not we will find a nice scenic place to poop. I mean, there have been days when many of us legit avoid eating or drinking before a long journey just so that we don’t have to panic in the middle of a trip about where to relive ourselves in the middle of nowhere!

 But hear me out for this one! We found out about a few loos that not only do the basic work of letting you do your business in peace but also the aura, environment and the experience that these toilets provide you based on where they are situated, is something that will make you deliberately take a loo-break amid your journey!

8 Most Scenic Places To Poop: For A Refreshing Time!

Don’t believe us? Well, take a look at this list of these amazing and unique toilets around the world built in between the wild nature that will give you the most natural vibe while relieving yourself!

Wiwannihutte, Switzerland

This one is the type where you probably might forget altogether that you are in a toilet. The stunning scenery of the beautiful mountains that it provides right in front of you is something that cannot be avoided at all. The mountain range is so beautiful and has that ‘mountains calling’ vibe to it that it will compel you to climb it at the very moment and you might also feel lucky that you got to take a poop here, at this place, with this view!

Dolomites, Italy

So Italy has given us so many things to love, from food to art, everything is just fantastic, however, add this one to the list too, when it comes to the unique things that Italy gave us. Only, for this one, you will have to go to Italy for the first-hand experience but it will be worth it for sure. This loo provides a view that is so mind-blowing that it has the perfect opportunity and features that it should be a decent enough tourist attraction! Yes, a toilet being a tourist attraction. 

Banff, Canada

Ok, imagine a toilet, not impressed? Fine, imagine a toilet in the shape of a little cabin, with the most beautiful view of those Christmas-like-trees, in fact, a whole range of those trees, a snow-covered mountain range behind those trees, and a river in the very front. We know you are already planning to go to this most scenic place to poop. Well, it’s in Canada, go ahead and book your tickets!

Ama Dablam, Nepal

This one in the middle of nowhere is more than just nowhere. With a ground so beautiful that you can do a photo-shoot and a mountain range so stunningly surrounding the entire land, you are bound to try this one! This toilet in Nepal will give you the pleasure of reliving surrounded by a striking mountain range at a most scenic place to poop.

Mount Pisa, New Zealand

I mean New Zealand is already popular for its beauty and the way it has managed to make the toilet have a stunning view is not that surprising keeping in mind the country’s beauty. This one may give you the thrill to poop in the middle of snow while also listening to the amazing skiing lovers having the time of their life while skiing down the mountain. 

Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Yeah, when we think about having a toilet break in a cold region like Antarctica, it’s only natural to have a cold attack but this one, right here, in the middle of the ice, may provide that thrill that you lacked to face the cold while pooping. The unique look of this toilet and the experience that it is bound to give you because of its location and design, well it’s something we would definitely recommend for some thrill. 

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

You will for sure forget that you had an emergency to the toilet by the views that this very toilet is going to provide you. Right there hanging on the edge of a cliff, this loo is bound to give you the most unique experience with your toilet business that you will not forget your entire life. 

Kepler Track, New Zealand

Is it even a surprise that we are back in New Zealand again? I mean the country can definitely provide some stunning views even to its toilets. Anyways, this one in the middle of a track and near a nice mud road stands at the edge of a soft mountain. The view, perfect! The experience, perfect! The country, always perfect! The Poop, Scenic and perfect!

Well, no one ever thought that toilets in the middle of nowhere can be worth providing a destination to visit, but I guess anything is possible at this point. Let us know what you think of these stunning toilets in the wild and we would highly recommend you to visit any of these once in your life. To have that experience that is so unique in itself that people will definitely be shocked hearing about this!

So, would you think about the most scenic places to poop? Tell us in the comments below!

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