9 Makeup Youtubers Who Work Magic With Their Hands

The best part about the internet is that it is full of tips and tricks that can work wonders during the need of the hour. Of course, there are many areas where these tricks can be used. But the one that is extremely famous among people is the world of fashion. From clothing to make-up, every field has several professionals who are doing their very best to provide the world with tips tricks, tutorials and hacks. And one visual platform we love to watch these people on is YouTube. YT is the ruler when it comes to elaborate, viewer-friendly videos, and these fashion gurus have made the best out of it. We have sifted through the crowd to find you the 9 best makeup youtubers you need to subscribe to for advice, reviews and tutorials. Let’s begin!

9 Makeup Youtubers Who Work Magic

 Bethany Mota

This amazing beauty guru is just 22 years old, but her channel is surely thriving despite the young age of the YouTuber itself. Bethany is an accomplished Youtuber who has already crossed a whopping number of 15 million subscribers. She opened her channel in 2009, and years later, she has already received an award for the same. She is, of course, famous who focuses on many other areas as well, along with make-up. You surely should follow this talented girl!

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Looking for a talented beauty YouTuber who can review make-up products? Well, our Zoella here should be your influencer if that is the case. Zoe, or famously known as, Zoella is a of the young makeup youtubers started as a blogger in 2009. In less than a year, her blog was thriving with subscribers. It eventually gave her the awesome idea to start her YouTube channel. Her channel has more than 12 million subscribers for all the correct reasons. She also posts videos about lifestyle, food, and travel once in a while. Her forte, however, is beauty and make-up review. And that surely will not let you down. 

Rachel Levin

Rachel Levin is a successful 23 years old YouTuber who is thriving and acing her job as a beauty influencer. Her first video came out in 2010, and 10 years later, she had more than 13 million subscribers. She surely is your go-to influencer. She mostly covers a variety of topics on her channel, but beauty products and DIY beauty hacks are what she does the most. Her humor, along with some make-up tips, is what people love the most. 

Nikkie De Jager

This make-up artist is just 24 years old, and her channel and name in the fashion world are already on the top. She is a professional make-up artist, so she also posts a lot of videos of her work. Her most famous video, which garnered her recognition at the start, was ‘The Power Makeup’ in 2015. Currently, she has more than 10 million subscribers on her channel, and they sure will increase in no time. 

Eva Gutowski

This beauty guru from California is acing her work as a beauty influencer. You surely should follow her if you like your make-up tips along with some entertainment. She started her YouTube channel in 2011 and has already gained more than 9 million subscribers. She is also doing well in acting, so be prepared to see her on-screen doing more than just make-up tutorials!

Jeffrey Steininger

Or you may also know him as Jeffrey Star. Jeffrey is surely one of the most popular beauty gurus out there. He is from California, and his YouTube channel and his make-up tips are not something that is uncommon to people. Many in and out of the fashion industry know about this influencer. He even has his cosmetics and beauty line that has a very good number of customers. Jeffrey is your go-to influencer when it comes to beauty, and no one can deny that!

Carli Bybel

Carli is one of the most popular beauty influencers who has reviewed many beauty products. She has reviewed the products of influencers like Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian. Her channel focused on every makeup-related aspect that she aces in every form. She opened her channel in 2011. And with time, she gained a huge amount of followers. And this number will only grow in the future. 

Mindy McKnight

If you are looking for some new hairstyle tips and tricks, then this channel and Mindy are your go-to beauty influencer. Mindy opened her channel in 2008 and has gained a substantial amount of following since then. She surely is acing the YouTube world. Her channel is full of hairdos and tricks that will get well with almost every occasion that you are going to attend. 

Promise Phan

Promise Phan is a young artist who has some crazy make-up skills. And those skills are, quite vocal and can be seen in her transformational videos on her YouTube channel. She has transformed herself into Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie and many more known stars through her make-up. She started her channel in 2009 and has gained a huge number of followers since then. 

Well, these are some of the best makeup Youtubers you should subscribe to. We are sure each one of them will end up giving some really good advice to you!

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