Agatha Ruiz De La Prada: Colour, Happiness, And Minimalism For You And The Little Ones Too

The designs by the Spanish fashion designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada are hard to miss. Agatha who entered fashion in 1981 with her women´s collection in Madrid is known for her eye-popping, colourful and relentlessly cheering designs. Her innovative brand has become a household name in Spain with products ranging from ceramics, toys, shoes, linens and towels, make-up and even cars. Agatha is born in Madrid, Spain to a famous architect and a Catalan aristocrat, making her a Spanish noble. She started to accomplish her passion for fashion design by joining Escuela de Artes y Técnicas de la Moda, Barcelona’s School of Fashion Arts and Techniques. She started as an intern at fashion designer Pepe Rubio’s studio at the age of 20. In 1981 she presented her first collection at the Local Design Centre in Madrid. Her reputation in original, distinctive designs began to spread with her exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid.

agatha ruiz de la prada

Agatha brings her children’s wear collection with an approach towards colour happiness and minimalist lifestyle. They come in fabulously fun designs filled with vibrant print patterns and colour. The children’s wear collection reflects the global principles of minimalism. It is hard to imagine Madrid without the presence of the fashion designer’s trademark of pink and red hearts, yellow stars and multi-coloured flowers, layered over bold prints. The ubiquitous and unmistakable designs leave no corner of the Madrid city unfilled with colour. The parents who prefer Agatha’s children’s wear collection as she believes fashion as the fastest way to make people happy.

AGATHA, by Agatha Ruiz De La Prada

Agatha’s kid’s furniture collection is also popular for gorgeous, charming and eye-catching design that captures the ingenuity, imagination and vitality of the kids in a truly original manner. The playful collection boasts the designer’s characteristic icons of simple, sweet and refined shapes such as hearts and flowers. Their funny, optimistic and creative composition are simple yet fashionable to perfectly meet the needs of children. The collection consists of three basic elements – a plant pot, flower-shaped mini table and two heart-shaped stools made of a highly resistant material which make them suitable for exterior spaces. The basic element in the kid’s furniture collection kids allow kids to enjoy them every day. These striking designer items create a dream-like garden that helps children develop their vitality, imagination and ingenuity.

Agatha is not sure whether her fun and bright designs reflect her personality, but she designs with the intentions of having fun, being optimistic, solving problems and not liking sad things. She believes that the colours that give off in her design is a reflection of her love of being happy. Her bold and colourful designs reflect love, humour and optimism and convey a concept of minimalism. She brings together an organic and distinctive personality in all her designs with a unique combination of elements like textiles, furniture, crockery, technology and childcare.

The minimalism on her clothing collection for little girls, reflects her aim to paring down to only the essentials. She has a marvellous team that has excellent relationships and knows exactly how they need to get things done. Their collection involves designs that allow kids focus on the things that we do. Agatha always focuses on having their design to be optimistic and colourful with vibrant colours, moons, stars, stripes and hearts. She believes that the future in fashion will be designed for colour happiness and the right balance of energy with a full range of shades and light. Colour has always been an inspiration to Agatha, as she wanted to be a painter.

The brand’s children’s wear collection of the brand which started as a little-known Spanish brand just over a decade ago has expanded as a favourite childrenswear manufacturer all around the world. What makes the Agatha Ruiz De La Prada’s children’s wear collection unique is their style, design and quality. These collections include girl’s blouses, skirts, dresses, jeans and suits combining modern children’s fashion trends and original performance. Agatha Ruiz De La Prada’s children’s wear collection has established itself as a style of happy childhood as it uses the brightest decoration such as cute drawings, prints and embroidery and natural colour combinations. Agatha is a favourite brand for kid’s clothing with convenient tailoring, best materials and production process with help of the most modern technology.

Children are more sensitive to colours and it is important to choose colours appropriate for them. Colours can benefit in the development of the brain, creativity, productivity and learning of children. Men and women react differently to colour and when it comes to clothing for little girls Agatha brings the combination of ideal colours that make them happy.

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