Here Are The Best Relaxing Games To Play In 2021!

Looking for the best relaxing games?

We are amidst times wherein, after almost every work hour, we have leisure time to spend at home. We are sometimes forced to do nothing and sit idle. Such intervals habitually during a draining day require us to unwind, relax and calm down our anxious nerves.

Games are often the sources we turn to for fun and recreation. A lot of video games require skill, effort and concentration. Frequently, people dedicate their time to such games in order to make their dull days sunny. What’s better than playing video games you can relax to?

Numerous games help us in calming down and reduce our stress. If you’re looking for the best mind relaxing games to play in 3021, keep reading!

Stack Colours

5 Feel Good Games To Relax To

When it comes to composure, games that give off a satisfying vibe more instantly top the list. This mind relaxing game helps you stack bars of a given colour while running in its lane on top of one another. The player then earns points at the end of the track, by pushing it as far as possible. This game requires little effort but it does not exhaust you at the same time. It’s  bright colour scheme, music and features have a balance of classy and simple. A lot of its users have shown reduced levels of stress after playing it at the end of a long day.

Fireboy Watergirl

5 Feel Good Games To Relax To

This game has been making rounds for a long time now. I am sure most of you have heard of it and have played it earlier. It is now available on mobile phones too. The best part is, you can even play it with your friends. This relaxing game has two characters Fireboy (who can get through fire) and Watergirl (who can get through water). Its levels are to be completed keeping in mind the coordination between these two characters. This game will most definitely cheer you up and elevate your mood.

Happy Colour

5 Feel Good Games To Relax To

What’s better than a game that lets you colour flawlessly and create pretty artworks?? This game uses numbers in order to allow users to recognize and colour the sketches in front of them, without the fear of making a mistake. And even if you do make one, you might as well erase it! Unlike doing it in reality! Colouring games, in many instances, come with a sense of achievement of creating something at the end of every level. These are considered good games to relax to because they offer art therapy These feel-good assets of the game often soothe any kind of wreckage or chaos going on in our minds.

Hole .io

5 Feel Good Games To Relax To

Another satisfying game on the list is Hole .io. In this game, the player has to move around the board controlling a hole which swallows everything and keeps getting bigger. To be honest, this is one of those games which don’t require any strategic or thought-provoking moves.This is one of the most effective ways of stress-relief. Try it yourself and see how content you feel while swallowing city blocks and buildings and earning scores without taking efforts or even putting in a fair amount of thought process.

My Oasis

A perfect way to take a break from the hassles of reality is this game called ‘My Oasis’. One thing I particularly like about this game is that it has extremely calming music playing in the background for enhanced player’s experience. It is basically a tapping game wherein you tap on the screen making bubble sound effects and collect as many hearts as possible while completing the oasis. The creators of this game have made the game keeping in mind its anti-anxiety feature. This game requires almost zero effort and promotes a good leisure time in every way possible. Petition to legalise this as the best mind-relating game, anyone?

The graphics and design of this game too are relatively simple and pleasing to the eye.

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