Check Out These 7 Insta Handles If You Love Mermaids!

Everyone loves a little bit of fairy-tale in real life, I mean, the best example for the same, I would say, will be the way people get all jumpy and excited as soon as they visit an amusement park or a Disneyland, correct?

Well, to some people, this going to a theme park is way too much for simply trying to live in the fantasy world, so what they do is, they go a step further, and start living the life or character from the fairy tales! No, I’m not kidding, you don’t believe me? Well, okay, let’s see if you change your mind once I tell you about these influencers who have gone all out to live as a mermaid!

Check Out These 7 Insta Handles If You Love Mermaids!

 Yes, a mermaid, now don’t get it all wrong, not that they are living in the ocean, wearing starfish as a bra but they simply are the best when it comes to putting mermaid get-up and also are quite popular for the same! Well, we thought that more people should know about them, so here we are with our list of 7 mermaid influencers that are quite popular for being one!

Make Bubbles Not Troubles (@cosplaymermaid)

I mean the name is quite something right! @cosplaymermaid is an Instagram handle of a cosplay artist, who let’s say, when it comes to cosplaying, is heavily into mermaid cosplay and sure absolutely nails it! She has also been awarded the title of Los Angeles mermaid is often seen near clear water in Isla Mujeres, I mean, according to her posts! Her feed is full of shoots with various scales that are quite vibrant when it comes to their colour, she sure is a good swimmer as can be seen when she flaunts her shiny scales underwater!

Merenneito Riia (@mermaidriia)

This artist on Instagram is quite popular when it comes to this, not only on the basis of her passion but also professionally! Yeah, she sure loves water as she also is a Speciality diver and an instructor at Helsingin Merenneitokoulu. In case, you happen to recognize her and if you live in Finland, well, that would explain quite a lot as there she is quite popular for being one of the mermaids with the performing group with giant aquariums in Finland! Her posts might give you a shiver of cold water rushing down your spine as she often clicks some beautiful mermaid clicks in some freezing water!

Celestia (@theoccasionalmermaid)

Celestia is an artist on Instagram with the handle @theoccasionalmermaid. I mean she has made it quite clear that she dresses up as a mermaid occasionally but whenever she does take on that avatar, believe me, she looks beautiful! She has also been awarded as Miss Mermaid Utah USA in 2019 and 2020! Along with Mrs. Utah Earth 2019! And by the way, she sure is not only acting it professionally but also is a mom so yeah, rocking the role of a mermaid mum as well!

Mermaid Jules (@mermaid_jules)

@mermaid_jules is an Instagram handle that is maintained by the very talented Julia Caruso, who is sure into cosplaying as a mermaid, a lot. Professionally she is a marketer but along with food and photography, she sure has a thing for mermaids too! Often calling her Jules the Pink Mermaid, she even has her own site where you can check out her blogs and has her own merch! I mean, sure is a full package I must say that, right! People definitely love her for this as she has a pretty good following when it comes to this!

Mermaid Coral Beth (@mermaidcoralbeth)

@mermaidcoralbeth is an Instagram handle that is maintained by the artist Beth Sullivan, she is a professional mermaid which means you can actually hire her for events! She is also a fashion stylist and influencer. She is from Florida and a mommy so again, the joy of having a mermaid as a mum is simply beyond my understanding! Her feed is full of clicks from the events or parties that she gets hired for, so if you check it out, sure you’ll love it and would want to attain one of those to get a click with her!

Mermaid Nikki | Nicole Wood (@mermaid_nikki)

@mermaid_nikki is an Instagram account managed by Nicole Wood, who by the way would be the music mermaid if it was a Disney movie because she is a flutist! She is from Florida and has been awarded the title of Miss Mermaid Florida 2021. She is also NAUI Scuba and claims to be a certified mermaid! She sure is an eco-friendly one as she also happens to give shout-outs to eco-friendly products along with other such products!

Mist The Mermaid (@mistthemermaid)

@mistthemermaid is an Instagram handle that is managed by a theatre artist. She sure loves to be a mermaid and is a professional mermaid performer. She too goes for various events and photoshoots, her feed is full of mermaid photo shoots from not only professional shoots but also from various events. You sure would love to check out her handle as well!

Well, so these were some of the Instagram handles that you can check if you have a thing for real-life mermaids!

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