CPU Vs GPU: What’s A Better Investment For A Budget Gaming PC?

Building a custom gaming PC is an exuberant task for every gamer. There is fun in deciding which part fits best based on your needs. But there can be some challenges while setting up your own PC. Not all of us can afford to build the most expensive rig we can get our hands on. And because many gamers are young students, budget becomes a deciding factor while designing our own PC.

In our article today, we figure out the best processor CPU Vs GPU,you can get without putting a hole in your pocket.

CPU Vs GPU, On Which You Should Invest More For A Budget Gaming PC

Let’s get back to basics, understand the CPU and GPU, and learn what makes them different CPU Vs GPU!


CPU Vs GPU, On Which You Should Invest More For A Budget Gaming PC

CPU is short for Central Processing Unit. By nature, it is a microprocessor. The CPU is also referred to as the brain of the computer. It is made up of many major and minor cores, each performing different tasks which culminate into one bigger task. This brain, much like our own, is required to interact with all parts of the computer. It reads our input from the hardwares and helps the softwares to run. The amount of memory directly corresponds to the smoothness with which the tasks will be completed. Often, we would install memory cards (RAM), which is the memory used by the CPU..


CPU Vs GPU, On Which You Should Invest More For A Budget Gaming PC

 GPU is short for Graphic Processing Unit. This is a microprocessor, too, but differs from the CPU.  The GPU is solely made for video processing and graphic related tasks. It requires a lower memory than CPU, but a really fast one. High end GPUs often come with DDR5 RAM installed with them. They are designed for parallel computing. These help us to render and edit high resolution videos, play graphic intense games and complete any task which involves video processing. A GPU is emphasised on providing high output  to the users.

What are we looking for in Gaming PC?

The graphic quality of games continues to improve, which is why gaming PCs demand greater video processing.

An AAA game requires intense video processing to run at the desired FPS (Frames per second) without lagging. This makes the use of GPU really important for gaming computers. A video processor with dedicated RAM and cooling system is preferred. A better cooling system in the computer, and a screen with good refresh rate are also required add ons for a gaming PC.

So, what should you get?

If you find yourself a little tight-pocketed, invest in a GPU. Although CPU is important, it is not a deciding factor. An AAA title game would run better on an i5 Processor with a dedicated Graphics Card than on an i9 Processor with integrated graphics card.

You can also consider getting second-hand products from trusted and verified sources to save a few extra $$$. Cheers!

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