Are You Dating For The First Time? Know This Much Before You Go On

The most important time of a relationship is the stage when you start dating. You will get to establish a courtship with someone after you go on a few dates together. You will be able to determine how your relationship with someone turns out, in the first few dates. The chances of the relationship to last will depend on how both the partners are feeling each other. One has to make sure that they don’t go too far ahead of themselves when getting excited about having met or is moving on to an exciting part with someone new. 


When you think of dating someone new, there is nothing you can do about it, but you should make sure to avoid certain things from coming out.

What Should Your Conversation Be Like


The key to a great start to dating is to avoid lying or bragging especially with someone you are dating for the first time. Talking to someone like you know everything under the sky can make you most likely to risk the chances of having a relationship. Every time you lie, you should remember that you are meeting your significant other and whether you will be able to remember all your lies after many years of dating. It is good to not lie so that you can avoid your relationship being in shambles when the person finds out the truth. It is advisable to let the relationship grow gradually to make it meaningful. You have to find time to be in the relationship and avoid overcrowding the person space, as it could get them scared. You should not play very hard to get into a relationship with someone or should not be easy. It is always good to get a middle ground between the two.

Don’t Drink Or Smoke Too Much

There is nothing as unattractive as dating a chain smoker or alcoholic as both can cause consequences like even violence that even cause problems in the relationship. Smoking habits can even lead to a problem if your partner doesn’t like the smoke of cigarettes, while too much drinking increases the chances of losing your potential next partner.

Take Care Of The Logistics

The location you choose for your first date with someone should be ideal for some great conversations. All plan together for a location, where you don’t have to yell to be heard or forced to communicate with hand signals. It is ideal to choose a place with benches and booths, above a place with tables. In this way, you will be able to sit against one another instead of sitting across from each other. When it comes to where you should meet, it’s the girl who should make a choice. It is always great to have the first date on a weeknight or weekend after so that you can have a calm vibe. Most of the safety-minded prefer their first date to be somewhere she decides.

Dress For Success


With the first impression you make on the first date, you will be able to easily decide whether your date is imagining themselves almost got into a relationship with you. It is important to put some attention into your appearance for the first date. You should ensure to be perfectly groomed as every small detail you may not even notice will definitely come into the sight of the other person. You have to keep a perfect outfit always ready in your wardrobe so that you can make sure that you are dressing appropriately for the date. It is always ideal to go for some simple outfit that does not distract the other person.

Stay Off Your Phone


There is nothing more boring than checking your phone while the other person is taking or about to talk to you. It is even advisable to favour yourselves by turning your phone off. Most of the women find frequent phone checking as the first date deal breaker. If you are expecting an important call, you can explain that to the other person beforehand.

You have to watch for your body language on your date to make sure that you are not sending the wrong message. Sitting with your arms crossed, and your body angled away from the other person hints to them that you are nervous or insecure. Studies have found that expansive postures like outstretched arms put the other person off, while an open body language will seem more warm, engaged, and confident. Eye contact is crucial for making a lasting impression for your date, but too much may make her uncomfortable. Try not to distract yourself by looking down when you are not looking at her, as it hints of a lack of confidence. A light touch can be a powerful way to establish a connection, but you should make sure to not be grabby. You might also like to read: What Was Senior School Love For Me Like!

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