Did You Know That Skincare Creams Were A Thing 2,700 Years Ago?

Do thoughts like these occur to you where you plan to start a cosmetics business by travelling back to time thinking that the business will flourish keeping in mind that people of that era might not be aware of skincare and all that stuff? No? Just me? Well, anyway, it’s good if you are not planning such stuff because guess what, 2,700 years ago too, there were skincare creams!

Yeah, you heard that correct, if you, like me, thought that cosmetic products are a thing of the modern world then let me clear it that you are very much wrong. Don’t believe me? Well, you see, archaeologists have discovered a cute little bronze jar in a 2,700-year-old tomb of a nobleman in China, little did they know that this very jar will confirm something that no one ever thought would ever matter, but since we have discovered it anyway so yeah, we did have skincare creams 2,700 years ago too!

Did You Know That Skincare Creams Were A Thing 2,700 Years Ago?

The little jar that is discovered contains a facial cream which was basically a soft, yellow-white material, majorly containing ruminant adipose fat and moonmilk. The jar was found in a tomb of a nobleman indicating that skincare creams were a luxury for people of noble status in the Rui state of China starting from 220 to 280 AD or maybe more who knows, but this finding confirms it by giving a proper era. The site where the tomb was discovered was once a city called Liujiawa which was the capital of the state Rui that was mentioned above. Some researchers believe that this cream thing used by these noblemen was a way to distinguish themselves from the common folks as if the cream would have done that! While some suggest that there might be a religious reason as well. We all know how the religious beliefs of that era worked, right? Well, for this era, according to the studies, people believed the caves had some kind of magical properties, the simplicity of the times, right? As the substance found, which was also known as calcium carbonate can very well work as a moisturizer as well!

Did You Know That Skincare Creams Were A Thing 2,700 Years Ago?
Wikimedia Commons / Doronenko

The fat found in the cream is assumed to be from a cow. The moonmilk however, is a creamy substance obtained from a cave that is composed of calcium carbonate. This is then crushed into a fine powder which is used in the cream, can also call it a whitening agent considering that it can be used to whiten the colour of your skin, but then every colour is beautiful, whichever you were born with is precious to you as long as you keep it healthy, so let’s not go into that.

Well anyway so that was basically a bomb dropped on your plans to go back to the past and sell creams I guess. No? Still, no one thought about it or considered it even a bit? Wow, you guys, I guess I’m the only one cancelling my business plans from the past I guess!

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