Essentials For A Solo Trip

Travelling alone is not just a trend but a life-changing experience. But planning a solo trip can be a tasking and exhausting process. It’s not easy to decide what to pack and what to leave. A lot depends on the purpose of your travel. If you are planning to explore a city like a wanderer, you need to be ready for unexpected circumstances. The most important travel advice is to keep it light so you can carry your luggage alone. With the advances in mobile technology, your phone can function as a camera so you don’t need to carry one if you want to travel light. Unless you are a photographer who wants to click really great pictures. While there are other essentials like toiletries, etc, here are some essentials that you should carry for a safe and easy trip.

Sturdy Luggage

Whether it’s a suitcase or a backpack make sure it’s sturdy. Check in advance for all faulty zips and pockets before you start packing. If these are faulty then get them repaired. Your suitcase should be sturdy and waterproof so that your clothes and other valuables are safe. Your back should have a well-padded strap so that it doesn’t hurt to carry it for long hours.

Strong Shoes

Don’t carry too many shoes. Carry one extra pair of shoes just in case one is damaged, you can use the other one. Carry a pair of flip-flops also. Depending on your hotel booking you might need them. If you have booked an Airbnb or a hostel for yourself, you might need them. Make sure your shoes are comfortable for long walks. Leave those heels at home, you won’t need them.

Money Belt or Hidden Money bag

It is a good idea not to keep all your money and cards in one place. Divide them. Keep some in a wallet and in your purse, pocket or wallet and some in a hidden belt bag. Hide some money in your suitcase also. This helps in case you are mugged or leave your bag somewhere. You will have some money to call for help or contact someone in an emergency.


Carry any type of wipes. These are really handy when you don’t have time to shower or have been on the road for quite long. It is also really useful if you are planning to go for a trek or if you are going camping. You can find shower wipes also online. Carry them along for those sweaty moments.

Emergency Contact Card/ Medical Card

When travelling to a country where you don’t know anyone, a contact card or a medical card could be life-saving. Create three or four of these contact cards mentioning the emergency contact, your blood group, etc. Keep one with you at all times and one in your luggage. In case you are in an accident people will know whom to contact.

Mini Bungee Cord

A Mini Bunjee cord is a piece of small equipment but it is really useful. You can use it to fasten a door or tie up a bag. It can also be extended to be used as a mini clothesline to hang clothes. It can be very handy if your bag’s zip is busted.

Snack Bars

Take a number of snack bars along with you. You can remove the boxes and seal them in a ziplock bag. They are an easy snack especially when you are going for a trek or are going camping. The cuisine or the food may not be as per your taste. It is always better to have these handy than to go hungry.

A Packable Jacket

Carry a packable warm jacket. You can roll this up and keep in your backpack or suitcase. These are usually very compact and fit easily even in a small pocket. Unfold them and use it if you feel chilly or are out on a trek. These jackets are also handy for flights. As it tends to get cold in the plane.

Photo by Chris Hayashi on Unsplash

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