Everything You Need To Cut Your Own Hair

Getting things done on your own seems the be the flavour of the season (honestly it seems more like a century than just a season, to be honest) Cooking yourself some meals, tidying up your room on your room and even showing yourself some of that crucial self love (and how far that has gone on the self-love horizon is a completely different topic that I’m not even sure is appropriate enough to discuss. But you get my drift right?) So when everything’s falling on the self-help carousel, why not try some hair styling at home itself?

Not without some essentials. All for you to cut hair yourself.

Wahl Color Pro Cordless

Cut Hair Yourself

First things first. You need a trimmer to get rid of the hair, and we think Wahl’s quite the reliable industry veteran in this department. Good enough on the battery essential along with Wahl’s super precision in cutting, you could easily rely on this for all your first-times – to cut your hair yourself. With 21 colour coded pieces, quite the good fit for the men, kids and babies too. 

If you want to go for a more professional device, Wahl offers a match too. 

Clipquik 2

Clipquick 2

Though most clippers come with attachments (like our entry right before this product), we could always do with more efficiency right? The Clipquick 2 gives you an option to chop off hair of longer lengths. Unless you’re going for a really short trim, you just can’t go chopping right on the head. Bend over, bend your head further don, throw your head down and let the hair flow, nice and graceful. And then use your Clipquik 2 to get going. Easy! Or maybe not, sorry. I don’t have long hair really. 

Remington HC4250

Cut hair yourself

Just tell me you didn’t give out a spontaneous “Oh!” looking at the product. Well, it’s meant to and you’re not alone. Compact, cute and super well-performing. Aimed at going solo on the hair cutting task, this is more suitable for those looking for a neat, clean shaven head. 

Similar to this and slightly better in the feature count is the Conair Even Cut Rotary Hair Clipper that needs you to simply move the machine all over your head. No fuss. Stop when you the machine stops making the cutting noise. Well, it’s because there’s no more hair to trim. 



Looks convenient to use, even in the review videos. Either way, this is a set of two guides for trimming those bothersome (split?) ends of long hair. Cut along the edge and release.That’s it, that’s all there is to it. For men and women. Open up, attach, trim, release. Kind of sounds like my last relationship. Anyway.

Self-Cut System Three-Way Mirror

Three Way Mirror - cut hair yourself

It’s such a pain. When you cut hair yourself. To look at how the haircut has turned up right at the back of your head. Did you miss some loose ends? Has it turned out uneven? Even when your hair stylist is at your hair, there’s no fixed way to find out unless your shown a back mirror. And when you’re alone, get this 3-way mirror! Some even come with a back LED light and some are travel friendly too. 

Neck Hairline Stencil

Cut Hair Yourself

And for my brothers. If getting that perfect neckline is a problem, there’s a materialistic solution to that as well. With this stencil, all you need to do is wear it around your neck or just clip it on. 

There you go. Agreed, cutting your own hair is a task that needs skill and patience. But why not, with these gadgets dying to help you out? And while you’re at it, check out ways to spice up your bathroom too!

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