How To Stop Stalking Your Ex : 5 Mindful Tips That Work

It would be difficult to really move on from the relationship with your ex, especially if you didn’t make a conscious decision. Having been a big part of your ex’s life for a while, the desire to check what is happening in their life creeps up more often. The reality is that checking up on that person can make your life even more problematic, especially if it makes you obsessive or feel bad. Like any other behavior, stalking your ex is a manifestation of mental thoughts and processes which stops you from moving on from the relationship. Having had unresolved issues or still seeking closure with your ex makes it more tempting to stalk and difficult to move on. Once you have made the decision to move on with your life, here are some tips that can tell you how to stop stalking your ex online.

Cut off all communications with your ex

How To Stop Stalking Your Ex: 5 Mindful Tips That Work

The very first thing you should do after deciding to move on is to delete everything concerning your ex, including number, texts, emails, tweets, posts and pictures. You can also unfriend, unfollow and erase all messages everywhere for now so you don’t get accidentally reminded or tempted to stalk on social media. You can choose to keep them in networks or your life permanently only if you will be able to give some time and space apart for both yourself and your ex. It can be difficult to avoid checking up on your ex if the person is popping up on your feeds everywhere. Remember, the no-contact rule is the most important part of moving on.

Limit contact with mutual friends

How To Stop Stalking Your Ex: 5 Mindful Tips That Work

Another important step in moving on with your life is by limiting contact with mutual friends for now and engaging with friends out of the mutual circle. You can still be friends with someone who knew you and your ex have been together, but for now.

You may avoid being around or in touch with a friend with whom you could potentially check on your ex, which is just stalking pre-social media.

Focus on activities that you enjoy

How To Stop Stalking Your Ex: 5 Mindful Tips That Work

The best way to quit doing something is by replacing it with a different habit that you enjoy and makes you feel good. This isn’t the time to try completely new things but you can focus on replacement activities like lifting weights, knitting, art, music or reading which you can run to when tempted to stalk your ex online. You should avoid just partying and drinking as it can sometimes make things even worse.

Engage with like-minded people

How To Stop Stalking Your Ex: 5 Mindful Tips That Work

When engaging in activities you like, you can choose to do it with people who also enjoy doing them. The activity itself can instill in you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, but you create a positive social environment when sharing it with people who also enjoy doing it. This way you will be able to easily move one and enjoy making new plans and friends.

Take a break from social media

If you think that everything fails in helping you move on, then it is time you take a break from social media for a while. This will help you beat the bad habit of stalking your ex and gives you the space and time to process the breakup and get back to social media with a better view of life.

These are the five important tips that can teach you how to you stop stalking your ex and move on with your life. Above all these tips it is important that you realize why you can’t stop yourself from stalking the person and overcome the situation accordingly.

Now you know how to stop stalking your ex. You’ll like reading about single women’s thought process on V-Day.

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