7 Fashion Hacks To Feel Positive About Your Body: Plus Size Or Petite

Fashion has always been a dynamic part of our life. Be it an office party, a trip, or even a visit to the nearest mall; we continuously find ourselves looking for clothes that not only match our style preference but also fit us. How many times has the situation occurred when you buy a piece of clothing because of the way it looks thinking it would fit you right, but when you try it at home (Surprise! Surprise!), it either doesn’t look good or looks a little uncomfortable at places? If it’s a little too tight you might think of shedding a few pounds to fit into it (which by the way can pave a way of inspiration), or if it’s a little too loose, you might think of gaining some. With these fashion hacks, you will be able to pull off those dresses without having to lose or gain weight because guess what? You look good no matter what “size” you are.

fashion hacks

Hack #1 Try Your Tuck

Hoodies are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing ever made. Let’s take a few seconds and thank the person who created it. A lot of people feel that the hoodies are a little too big or a little too tight. Don’t worry, we got you! Tucking the front part of the hoodie inside your shorts/jeans can always make it look snazzy.

Hack #2 Wrap It Up!

I once noticed a cute top on display that I instantly fell in love with. You know how it goes with love at first sight. The only flaw was that it was a little too long. But I bought it anyway and stood in front of the mirror wondering what in the world could I do to make it look voguish. That’s when it hit me! I grabbed a slim belt that I never used until now and tied it around my waist. Telling you that it looked cool would be an understatement. You could do the same. Grab a slim belt that matches or contrasts the colour of your top and tie it around your waist. 

Hack #3 Theory Of Illusion


Don’t be afraid to wear a darker shade! It is a very less known hack which makes it even rarer. If there are a few areas on your body that you would like to highlight wear a brighter colour at that spot. For example, if you are itching to make it look as though you have a slimmer waist, you could wear darker shades that fall right on the sides of your body. This in turn makes your waist look smaller. Similarly, if you want to make your waist look full, make sure that the brighter patch of the dress falls right onto your waist. You will for sure see the changes.

Hack #4 Jazz It Up

Having an eye for detail will take you a long way. It is imperative that you choose clothes that have at least some detailing. This will not only take the attention from your body (which is still, by the way, perfect the way it is) but also add a little bling and jazz on your clothes. Such hacks, though simple, are enough to make one feel elevated and happy with the outcome. A golden rule for prints and detailing is, the smaller the print, the smaller you look and the bigger the print, the bigger you look.

Hack #5 Look At Dem’ Blues

Denim jackets! Denim jackets! Denim jackets! I have literally no other words for you. A denim jacket is a solution to almost ALL your fashion problems. The tight dress/ top doesn’t look good? Wear a denim jacket. A flimsy dress top isn’t sticking to the places you thought it would? Wear a denim jacket. I cannot stress enough on this hack. You must (I mean it) have, if not a few, at least one denim jacket that is either baby blue or white in colour, because let’s admit it, these colours look good with a lot of things. It’s a quick, easy, and a very reliable piece of clothing.

Hack #6 Get The Fabric Right!

Choosing the right fabric also makes a huge difference in your appearance. Fabrics such as denim (if you don’t have one, get it!!), silk, wool gabardine, or cotton are the perfect fabrics to choose whilst shopping. These fabrics will not only help you with how you want to showcase your posture, but it will also help you get it just right!  

Hack #7 Boss Babe

Listen and listen carefully. This hack is probably the most helpful one that a lot of people have found helpful. Are you ready for it? *Drum rolls* It’s confidence. This simple hack will be the solution to half of your problems. A lot of times we forget that we wear clothes that match our style because we like it, hell even love it! We try to fit into the stereotypical beauty standards set by the media. But what a lot of people don’t understand is that your beauty will outshine others the minute you become confident and comfortable in your own skin. If you want to, then flaunt it! It is quite unnecessary to think about what people will think about you. Be a boss; own what you have and be proud of it! This little step will take you far into the woods of confidence and self-love. 

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