Making The Best Out Of Autumn: Creatively!

Autumn, a season of vulnerable beauty and everything comforting. Also known as the fall season, happens to be a favorite of many people for the joy it brings and the memories we make. The unraveling of mother nature brings such pleasant scenery and atmosphere which makes the transition from a blazing summer to cool winter very comforting. 

Making The Best Out Of Autumn: Creatively!

The reasons to love the fall season are so many, but there is more than what meets the eye and touches the soul. Hiding behind the low sun rays of autumn there lies a room of creativity where Autumn leaves are not a mere inspiration or a tool for painting but a medium for artistic expression.

Yes, you read that right, the leaves of autumn which come in beautiful structure and colors are used as a medium by artists to show and express their creative side, which will blow your mind. We are listing out 4 artists who we like to call ‘Autumn Creatives’ and with their artwork, you will have one more reason to fall in love with the fall season!

Andy Goldsworthy

Known for his contribution to the land art movement, he has defined what it means to combine nature with art.

Well known for his creations using sticks and leaves and stitching them up to make temporary landscapes art installations. His artwork is unique, and has inspired many others in this branch of art, literally!

Susanna Bauer

She even has different design lines showcasing different techniques and styles from crochet to patchwork done with leaves and threads in a very intricate and detailed way. Her Instagram is a dreamy showcase of her artwork.

She turns dried leaves into sculptures combined with the work of fiber. She uses techniques of crochet and stitching to turn these leaves into a magnificent work of art using cotton and nature’s gift.

Ghidaq Al-Nizar

Ghidaq’s artwork is a dream come true for coffee and autumn lovers, he uses dried leaves as a medium for his artwork, and using coffee stains he makes paintings on his leaves.

Apart from making just paintings on leaves, he also uses dried leaves as a canvas which gives depth, movement, and life to his artwork like in this one.

A proper painting as we would say on a leaf, it’s detailed and beautiful. Ghidaq’s artwork is solely based on using coffee as ink apart from using it on leaves.

Omid Asadi Art

Who knew one could perfectly carve leaves just like wood, Omid uses leaves to sculpt and crave geometric designs using the autumn leaves.

His patterns range from architectural inspiration to real things, and the sculpting of the leaves is very intricate and beautiful. The use of different techniques helps him achieve his desired leaf artwork and his showcase is more than the leaves and has a hint of architecture.

These artists are leaving no leaf unturned and are making the best out of Autumn, tell us which artist did you like the most in the comments below!

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