Find Out Which ‘MAMAMOO’ Song Radiates The Same Energy As You!

MAMAMOO is not your typical k-pop girl group- I feel that in some ways, they’re even more unique than the famous Blackpink. As a quartet in the idol industry, they have cultivated their signature presence with a mixture of sultry moves, unapologetic confidence, powerful vocals, and a special retro flavor. A flirtatious tone is found abundantly in their songs, but they also touch upon themes like self-love, female empowerment, and humor as well. We absolutely love their natural charisma on stage, and the way they perform every song with ferocity sends shivers up our spines. With the diversity of discography they display, it’s only natural for fans like us to wonder which songs match our energy the most! Well, that’s just what we’re gonna find out today, so let’s get into it!

  1. 1 Which of these activities do you love to engage in?

    1. Watching romantic shows!
    2. Partying with friends!
    3. Developing a business
    4. Writing poetry, alone in your room
    5. Making up funny scenarios in your head
  2. 2 Which of these outfits would you love to wear?

  3. 3 Which of these foods do you like?

    1. Rice
    2. Gummy bears in a fruit roll-up
    3. Chocolate Fondue
    4. Chilli
    5. Tacos
  4. 4 Who is your MAMAMOO bias?

    1. Solar
    2. Wheein
    3. Moonbyul
    4. Hwasa
    5. OT4
  5. 5 How would you react if someone insulted you?

    1. Assert your confidence and dignity without engaging
    2. Talkback! I’ve got friends to back me up!
    3. Intimidate them with your eyes and smile
    4. Silently accept it
    5. Brush it off as a joke and make more jokes
  6. 6 What is your favorite part about a MAMAMOO performance?

    1. The bling and vibrant backgrounds!
    2. Their meaningful lyrics
    3. Their sexy outfits and expressions!
    4. The energetic choreography
    5. The bloopers and slip-ups!
  7. 7 Choose your spirit animal!

    1. Raccoon
    2. Lovebird
    3. Dog
    4. Lioness
    5. Whale
  8. 8 Choose the song lyrics that describe what goes on inside your head.

    1. “Bip Bip Bip become controversial my fashion, I don’t care, it’s just an action”
    2. “Oh middle-aged man, salt died, If salt died, it’s bamboo salt”
    3. “On lonely nights when it rains, I cry without anyone knowing, as I think, maybe someone will come to see me”
    4. “Since last summer, Like an adolescent girl, I dreamed a romance night and day, I only waited today, Oh Yes”
    5. “I wanna play around, I wanna call my friends and have a drink, Drink like a, like a, like a fish”

Find Out Which 'MAMAMOO' Song Radiates The Same Energy As You!

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    Daebak! This is one of MAMAMOO's coolest songs ever. The bold visuals and costumes are to-die-for, but the emotions this song conveys just make you feel powerful. You are a proud non-conformist and an icon of assertiveness. You create your own style, have strong opinions, and are completely comfortable in your own skin, which all stems from a strong sense of self-love! Congratulations, you have the same energy as one of the power anthems of k-pop!

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  2. Quiz result

    'AZE GAG'

    You're the funnybones of the group, straight off. Let me tell you, this song literally means 'dad jokes'. Its lyrics and the voices of MAMAMOO make it a peak musical comedy. I'd say, you're a pretty chill and non-confrontational person, except for your tendency to find humor in anything and everything. You may not have the most coherent train of thought, but it's what makes you fun to be around! This song perfectly conveys the crackhead energy of MAMAMOO, and you're lucky to match it!

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    You are the definition of FUN. This retro-themed, feel-good song was like a breath of fresh air during the pandemic times. I know, being an extrovert, it must be difficult for you, and you cannot wait to meet your friends, party hard, and make colorful memories. You're the life of the friend group, and you keep the group together with your cheerfulness and a strong sense of friendship. Let's just say, you have a bright presence and people around you really appreciate you!

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    Woah, you have a super romantic personality, leaning towards darker flirtatiousness. The song has really slow tunes and the husky voices of MAMAMOO make it quite evocative and rich. According to this result, you're a passionate and attractive person. Despite the controversy the song has faced, you matching its vibe just means that you have a wild side and a potential femme fatale energy. Sounds cool!

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  5. Quiz result


    Oh my, let me just wipe my tears, because whenever I think of this song I'm reminded of the heartbreaking lyrics and the pure voice of Solar singing them. You have a quieter, slightly melancholic aura, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you're sad. You may like to keep to yourself and indulge yourself in your beautiful art (probably, poetry). Your thoughts would be a gift for the soul if anyone got to hear them because they are so meaningful. You do seek love and warmth in others, and when you meet people like yourself, it brings you great joy. This song is like warm tears and a hug, according to me, and so are you!

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