How Will Aliens Abduct You? Find Out Now!

You’re at school, it’s a pretty normal day. Normal, mundane, until something extraordinary happens. Extraordinary, and downright creepy. Your teacher’s watch starts blaring and he transforms into a creature with ten legs


Okay, that was a little too dramatic, but we have watched enough movies and read enough books to know that aliens exist, and they’re coming for us. It’s no surprise, honestly. This is what our search for life on Mars and everywhere else led us to – to our impending abduction.

But how exactly did those aliens get their hands on you? What’s the story of your kidnapping?

We have a few questions for you, and the final result of your answers will be the truth about your alien abduction. 

So what are you waiting for? 

  1. 1 Your favourite subject?

    1. Anything Science
    2. Anything language or art
    3. Anything to do with society
  2. 2 How do you drink your water?

    1. Tipid or warm
    2. Cold
    3. Water is water
  3. 3 What did you have for dinner last night?

    1. I don't even remember
    2. Something healthy
    3. Not-so-healthy, but atleast it was tasty
  4. 4 Do aliens scare you, even if a bit?

    1. Okay, yes, no shame in admitting that
    2. Not at all
    3. I don't even know if aliens are real
  5. 5 Choose one thing you like the most:

    1. Reading poetry/books
    2. Traveling
    3. Sleeping
  6. 6 Do you think ghosts are real?

    1. Yeah
    2. Maybe, i haven't come across one though, but i know people who have
    3. Lol no
  7. 7 If you had your own robot, you would use it to

    1. Turn my notes into songs and learn them
    2. Change things about me i don't like
    3. To clean, sweep, cook, i guess?
  8. 8 Do you think aliens are smarter than us?

    1. Highly probable
    2. No... I mean, they would have found us if they were
    3. I don't really care

How Will Aliens Abduct You? Find Out Now!

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  1. Quiz result

    The road less travelled...

    Is also the road you shouldn't have traveled at all. You were going back home on a late night when you suddenly saw a white circular object in the sky. Thinking it's the new spacecraft by Tesla, you whipped out your phone to click a picture. But as soon as you snapped a picture, the object threw blinding white light on your face. And that's all you would remember when you're on a spaceship to another galaxy, surrounded by odd-looking, one-legged and six-eyed creatures. All the while regretting going out that night. But all that would be left of you would be your phone with the proof of extraterrestrial life.

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  2. Quiz result

    You had it coming...

    Like we said in the beginning, our search for life elsewhere is what has led us to being kidnapped, and this holds true in your case. Being an astronaut, your curiosity for not the earth but what lies beyond has often gotten in your way. However, on your solo mission to another galaxy(ah, finally), you felt a strong, almost impossible gravitational pull. It was like a black hole was sucking you, except not. You landed on a mountain and it took you some time to realize you were in another thriving world full of life. By 'some time', we mean thirty-seven earth years. Thinking you are a new animal species, and one with such 'dangerous' teeth, the gooey dwellers of that planet kept you in a cage. Of course they wouldn't understand your language. Of course they wouldn't understand your gestures. Finally you discover life outside earth, but all alone. And at what cost?

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  3. Quiz result

    A healer is…

    Not always a healer. Sometimes, they are anything but. After having struggled with life for so long, you finally came across a therapist with five-star Google ratings through and through, and so it was decided you were ready to heal. 

    As you stepped in the office, it was like you had stepped in heaven. Everything was so beautiful, so clean and so white. Your therapist invited you in and sat across from you. When they wanted to check your IQ, they passed you a few papers with a test. 

    250? Your phenomenal IQ both surprised and scared your therapist, but ah, curiosity killed the cat. And this time, it transferred you to an MRI machine. After your scan was over, your mouth and your hands were taped shut, and your shrink started calling people. People who looked normal, only not. 

    When these 'people' opened their mouths, you saw a hollow like none other. Who knew aliens walked among us? Your brain was poked and prodded, and it would be for another 50 years. To take over the human race, they have to be smarter. And what better way to get smarter than poke their guinea pig? 

    All anyone remembers of your last moments in the outer world now is that you wanted to heal. 

    But is it always a good idea? 

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