Forget Private Jets, Flying Cars Are Going To Change The Way We Travel: Klein Vision’s AirCar

If you were to tell me that we would have flying cars in 2020 a few years ago, I would have laughed in your face and called your mom to tell her that you were high on sugar. But now, considering how 2020 has been treating us, I am not surprised that we will be seeing flying / air cars in near future.

Forget Private Jets, Flying Cars Are Going To Change The Way We Travel: Klein Vision's AirCar

Think about it, you are on the road, driving towards your home when you suddenly get a call that you are needed in another city due to some problems that may have occurred in the main office. Now, since you are in a hurry, you obviously do not have time in your hands that you catch a plain or a train so you take the best option, you turn your car into a freaking aeroplane and fly towards your destination while the people around you gawk at the car with their jaws dropped down to the ground floor. 

Klein Vision’s first viable flying sports car has successfully reached its first goal that was of the test flight. This history record breaking event took place at the Piestany Airport in Slovakia. The car was able to reach a magnificent altitude of 1,500 feet in just a couple of minutes. Klein Vision, the Slovakian firm behind this jaw dropping creation has eventually succeeded in transforming the 5th prototype of AirCar into an airplane with wings, which is completely ready for a commercial release in the year of 2021. It is said that it will be facing a tough competition from PAL-V Liberty, the world’s first commercial flying car that supports a dual engine. 

This magnificent technology is still to undergo some trials to achieve a humongous range of 620 miles i.e. approximately 1,000 kilometers in a single test run. This AirCar is powered by the elite BMW 1.61 engine at its core. The car packs a pair of retractable wings, folding tail fins and parachute deployment system.

The frame of Klein Vision’s AirCar supports enough leg room for 2 to 4 passengers. It depends upon the model you choose, whether it is a 2 seater or a 4 seater. The design of the sports car enables airlifting capabilities during the takeoff and better control while landing. The only challenge that this beautiful creation of technology faces is that for a takeoff, the AirCar requires a minimum runway length of 984 feet.

The AirCar transforms into a compact and adjustable size with inclusion of retractable fins while in automobile or amphibian mode. This can be of huge help in maintaining the body balance while the car is navigating through massive water bodies with high tidal waves that are infamous for a lot of accidents. The two seat AirCar weighs a 100 kg over a ton and can carry an additional load of 200 kg per flight which is not at all shabby for a car that can fly. 

There is still no peep about the pricing strategy for the AirCar from the Klein Vision firm, but it is for sure that the mind blowing technology creature is set to hit the roads and skies in 2021 if the permits and legal approval allow them to do so. There are also no specifications other than the few we know, that have been declared by Klein Vision, but from the 3 minute video that has been viral ever since it came out on YouTube, we couldn’t care less. 

From the outside, AirCar looks like a very luxurious car that will probably cost one a limb or two but only when you look closely, will you realize that it is actually an AirCar. The inside of this car looks like a mix between a plane and a car and obviously it does because it is named AirCar. I think we would have a problem when it did not even show any resemblance to a car. 

With everything going on in the world right now, this is yet another win for the scientists and engineers. It is obviously hard to make and design an AirCar that not only drives you from one place to another with luxury as its companion, but also flies you towards the destination without a lot of hassle. It gives you privacy and a place which a lot of people need nowadays. If you are pissed off at someone taking your AirCar and hitting the road, I mean the sky. Whichever you feel is more comfortable for you. But don’t forget how to learn how to ride a plane. Because, obviously. The AirCar sure looks promising and reliable enough to drive or fly whenever it is needed. People have been curiously waiting for the pricing strategy to be declared so they can get their hands on these bad boys. I mean I can understand their excitement, who wouldn’t?

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