Is It Okay To Have A Big Dog In A Small Flat?

Owning a dog is one of the best things that can happen to you. Dogs are probably the most loving animals on earth. Our relationship with dogs is lovely and reveals a wonderful side of our nature. Our pets are our family and we love them no less than any other member. Our dog forms an unconditional bond with us and we give them access to enter in our private world and trust them with comfort, loyalty and safety. Dogs teach us self love that we often struggle to experience. They appreciate us for our simplicity, to have fun without embarrassment and feel free. Company of a dog helps us understand that we don’t always need to be conscious, in control of everything around. They just want love and to be loved without conditions. Even though many of us think that our pets depend on us but we depend on them a lot more. 

It’s Okay To Have A Big Dog In A Small Flat?

If our dogs love and care for us without any limits, it is our duty too to take good care of them. Dogs adapt almost everywhere but that doesn’t mean we should force them for the same.

Talking about having a big dog in a small house, It’s a little hard for them to adjust in a small apartment. Although they maybe don’t have a problem as they care for their owner and want to be around them the most, but slowly their body will show that they need more space. If you have no other option right now, you can follow a few tips that will help you and your dog to adjust in a small flat.

It’s Okay To Have A Big Dog In A Small Flat?

You Must Make An Exercise Routine For Your Dog

Big dogs body needs exercise to build muscles and maintain their weight or else they’ll become obese. Also exercising makes them a bit tired at home and they don’t make a mess running round in the house. A big dog must go for a walk at least twice a day plus exercises like a flirt pole once a day. A frisbee toss is also very much recommended exercise for big dogs that helps them keep fit and healthy.

Train Your Dog For A Routine

Train your dog to eat, sleep, exercise and play at a particular time. This will make your dog very punctual and busy.

If Possible, Make A Small Space For Your Dog

Giving them a small space will provide them freedom to make their own mess in a corner, that’ll make them feel less confined.

Choose A Breed That Is Good At Adaption

Mostly big dog breeds like to live in a big space. So, if you plan to have a dog in a small space, select a breed that adapts living conditions easily. Breeds like English Mastiff, Standard Poodle, Shar-Pei or Greyhound can easily adapt. 

Stay Alert For Your Dogs Health

Always take extra care of your dog’s health. Especially notice the signs of stress. When dogs are stressed, they will show signs such as excessive shedding, they’ll refuse to eat and most of the time will stay still and lazy. Sometimes more yawning and pinned back ears are also the signs of stress.

Keeping a big dog breed in a small flat is not impossible but should be avoided in some cases as that requires extra care and attention to your dog and also might affect your dog’s health in the long term.

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