Funniest Superstitions From Around The World!

Having a bad time? Well it may be because you have a broken clock at home! No? Then check if your mirror is facing your bed! Nah? Well then let us cross our fingers and hope the bad luck surpasses you before we run out of superstitious beliefs to understand the reason behind it. 

Superstitions have been there in each and every culture since time immemorial. While you may have a certain superstitious belief, another person in another part of the world may have an equally irrational but a different one. We have listed down a few of the funniest superstitions from around the world!

Sweeping off the good luck

Funniest Superstitions From Around The World!

It is believed in some parts of the part of the world that if you happen to move into a new house be sure to buy a new broom. If not, the old broom is going to work its evil magic and sweep away all the good luck. Well good luck or not, it definitely is hygienic to buy a new broom in the new house to prevent pests from your previous house from entering this one. So, I guess this superstition is after all not so bad!

The rocking chair

Funniest Superstitions From Around The World!

We have all seen this prop being over used one in horror films. Even writing about an empty rocking chair in motion is sending chills down my spine. Looks like this is not just a fictional scene of horror but has actually been inspired by an Irish legend that says that an empty rocking chair invites evil spirits to your home. Turns out that the empty rocking chair symbolism is based on a true story after all. 

The number four

Funniest Superstitions From Around The World!

While in some ideologies the number thirteen is considered to be bad luck, China has it a little different. The Chinese word for four sounds very similar to the Mandarin word for death. This is the reason people in China avoid anything to do with this number as it may cause a death in their family, or worse their own! Sounds impractical? Well, what if we tell you that China is not the only country where this superstition is followed but some other East Asian countries like Japan and Korea also believe in it.  

Fan Death 

Funniest Superstitions From Around The World!

In South Korea if you feel hot at night you’ve got to live with it because sleeping with a running fan will cause death. So, it is your choice to make if you want to die of the heat or the fan. This South Korean superstition led to the invention of electric fans that turn off on their own after a few minutes to save you from the horror of dying in your sleep! Talk about technology and its ways to protect you from the absolutely practical causes of death!

Milk and domination

Funniest Superstitions From Around The World!

Often practiced at Indian weddings, it is a part of the tradition in India for the bride and the groom to put their hands in a bowl of milk and find a ring hidden in there. What happens to the one who finds it? Well, they will be the dominant one in the relationship. As funny as it sounds, let’s admit that it does sound like fun to have a ring hunting competition at the wedding between bride and the groom!

While some superstitions may sound funny, they sure are entertaining to read. Tell us in the comments below what are the craziest superstitions that you have come across?

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