Ginny, Luna, Or Neville- Which Member Of The Silver Trio Are You?

You’ll agree with me when I say that the one thing that will never die in pop culture is the Harry Potter Universe. It is almost unrivaled in its popularity and primacy in our childhoods, and why wouldn’t it be? It introduced us to the magical world of Hogwarts, after all. We loved each of the heroic witches and wizards; we rejoiced at their victories and cried in their tragedies. The Golden Trio of Hermione, Harry, and Ron will forever be immortal in our hearts.

But there were other, incredibly well-written and well-portrayed characters that would’ve taken over the series with their wonderful personalities (and they probably did). Yup, I mean the glorious Silver Trio composed of Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, and Ginny Weasley, who were some of the best supporting characters ever. Ever wondered if you were the quirky Luna, the sweet Neville, or the dauntless Ginny of the group? Let’s find out today!

  1. 1 What is your favorite wizarding subject?

    1. Care Of Magical Creatures
    2. Defense Against the Dark Arts
    3. Herbology
  2. 2 What do you want to be when you grow up? (wizard world edition)

    1. Sports editor
    2. Professor at Hogwarts
    3. Magizoologist
  3. 3 Choose your wand-

    1. Cherry wood, 13 inches, unicorn hair core
    2. Black Walnut wood, 14.5 inches, unicorn horn core
    3. Yew wood, 14.1 inches, dragon heartstring core
  4. 4 If you saw Hermione, Ron, and Harry sneaking out at night and you knew they’d get in trouble, what would you do?

    1. They probably know what they're doing, I wouldn’t interfere
    2. Heck, I’m going WITH them. Do they think they can leave me out of an adventure?
    3. I'd try to stop them even though they probably won't listen to me
  5. 5 What is your Hogwarts house?

    1. Ravenclaw
    2. Hufflepuff
    3. Gryffindor
  6. 6 How would your friends describe you?

    1. Risk-taker, assertive, and energetic
    2. Timid, loyal, and helpful
    3. Perceptive, eccentric, and comforting
  7. 7 Who is your closest friend at Hogwarts?

    1. Harry
    2. Ginny
    3. Hermione
  8. 8 How good are you at studies?

    1. My grades are average, but I have learned what I needed to in my own way
    2. I try my best to keep my grades stable and make my family believe in me
    3. There are other things to do beyond studying, so I don’t really care about grades
  9. 9 Choose one of the Deathly Hallows-

    1. The Elder Wand
    2. The Invisibility Cloak
    3. The Resurrection Stone
  10. 10 A Quidditch match is going on. Where can you be found?

    1. Quidditch is great, but it’s not for me. I’d probably be in the forest where it's peaceful
    2. Cheering for my friends from the audience stands!
    3. In the air, on my broom, chasing down the opposing players! I'm a star player, of course!

Ginny, Luna, Or Neville- Which Member Of The Silver Trio Are You?

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  1. Quiz result

    Ginny- The Girl Who Waited

    Oh wow, to be similar to the fierce Ginny Weasley is an honor! We know how she was raised in a household full of big brothers, so she has an urge to prove herself. I guess it's the same with you. This makes you a very hard-working, passionate, and skilled person. Being a Gryffindor, you're also very brave, daring, and protective of those you love. You are probably athletic and popular, but you might have a slightly short temper. Don't worry though, because Harry loves you!

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  2. Quiz result

    Neville- The Boy Who Could Have Been

    Ah, the glow-up of this boy is just *chef's kiss*. It might be easy to judge your shyness and nervousness as cowardice for some people, but they don't know that it's only because of the terrible experiences you've been through. When the curtain of insecurities lifts, we see a strong-willed, noble, and loyal personality take over. You are someone who isn't fearless but is brave enough to fight their fears, and that's what makes Neville (and you) a true Gryffindor.

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  3. Quiz result

    Luna- The Girl Who Believed

    You are an intriguing person, needless to say. You probably have an almost eerily calm disposition, and pretty eccentric beliefs and habits. You seem distant to other people, lost in your own world (and you probably are). Despite your bizarre qualities and people judging you for them, there is so much about you that we love. You are kind-hearted and supportive, and your inner Ravenclaw is seen in your intelligent, unusually observant, and jarringly honest nature. You are artistic and have a very soothing presence. You can be very brave and protective of your friends if the need arises. Honestly, there's a reason Luna Lovegood has a separate fan base of her own.

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