How Can You Help Your Sister Find Her Mr. Right?

Okay, how do you even start helping someone find a Mr. Right? This could be a harder question if the partner you have does not even feel fit for you. In essence you would be seeking to build your sister’s future marriage life while your own is in gloom. If you ask me your experience in choosing the man you have would be useful in a positive way in helping your sister not to make the bad choices you made.

The choice of a partner involves a whole lot of emotions and people will tend to ride on these emotions and settle on a man for the wrong reasons. It’s a hard task for a ‘normal sister’ to know what she wants in a man. Normal sisters are the average women who have gone through education and are doing the normal day jobs and are not really outgoing. They therefore have a ‘limited scope’ of men to choose from and will most probably settle on the first man who shows interest in them. We need to help these sisters out know how to make the right choices.

Take Her To Parties

The normal sister will go to her job till five o’clock, pass by the retail store and buy her groceries and go home to prepare her meal. With that kind of a life system, she minimizes her chances of finding the right man. We buy what we see right? So take her to where the men can be found. Start with the parties you go to. There are those parties that have single handsome men that are looking for partners. Take her there. Men never fail to notice new faces in their parties and she will definitely be in the right position to find a man.

Introduce Her To A Mature Male Friend



You know the kind of man that you would wish your sister to have for a partner. It may take a whole century for her to find that kind of a man if she leads the normal life. However you may know that one friend who you wouldn’t hesitate to settle for if you were single .Make it possible for these two to meet. To be more effective you would want to let your friend know that you intend to see if the two would make a good couple. This would set the ball rolling and you would just have to sit back and cross your fingers in the hope that they tangle.

Organize Dinner At Home For Couples And Invite Her


At times you may want that the choice of the man to start with her so that you wouldn’t have to deal with guilt conscience if things go south. In this case, the idea of a couples’ dinner comes in handy. By inviting her, you create the urge for her to look for a man who she would feel comfortable with around other couples who might start doing ‘couple-like’ things during dinner. You will have sparked off something in her and her relationship with a man

Take Her To Shop For Clothes And Shoes


Some women are just single because of their dressing. Some outfits just push men away. The ladies who lead the normal lives will have very strict modes of dressing where they always dress like they are going for their jobs. A lady will need to look easy and approachable to a man. Take her to shop for those short dresses that look inviting to men. The kind to wear to an evening date. This makes men want her and she will be approached more. Make her buy jeans and easy tops that show some flesh and those heels that will require a man to hold her hand when she is climbing a step.

It is important however to note that the search for a man is never supposed to be a desperate one. If it is desperate it could attract the wrong man. It is important that you let your sister know that she will need a man who is proud of her, can sacrifice for you and with whom the idea of settling down with is more captivating than the idea of a wedding. Let us help our sisters folks.

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