What We Girls Think When We Are Alone On Valentine’s Day

Love is a beautiful thing. It brings pleasure to every cell in our body but you cannot compare the happiness of loving to the pleasure of knowing that someone adores you. Some of us do wait for the Valentine’s Day with a lot of expectations. Who wouldn’t like to be showered with love and not to mention the sweet words from their guy? But what goes through our mind when we are all by ourselves, on Valentine’s Day?

10. This Godforsaken Planet Has Nothing Like True Love Or True Friends

Some might call such a thought, desperation, consoling one self, or some other sort of name, but to any of us without someone to think of, love and friendship can be just a nightmare. We often start thinking that the Valentine’s Day is simply not worth the wait.

9. Having Some Nice Moments In The Beach With An Imaginary Boyfriend

Sometimes we would rather do things with an imaginary boyfriend, picturing ourselves on a beach, enjoying the breeze with the most handsome and romantic man on the planet. Not to mention that all this time, we are in our room, with our imagination cooking up the perfect day in our mind.

8. Am I Too Special For Anyone?

We like to avoid the feelings of self pity and cling to the idea of being too special for anyone. We would often argue that the guy who deserves our looks and character is still on the way. We can spend a substantial amount of time admiring ourselves.

7. Am I Too Ugly And Unattractive? Can No Man Withstand My Looks?

There are some of us who feel so bitter about ourselves for being all alone on such a lovely day. We tend to think that we are unattractive and cannot share love with any man. We would bury ourselves in tears and become too aggressive towards everyone who crosses our way, even though it’s this thought and not our looks that might be keeping us away from finding the love of our life!

6. How Lucky! I Won’t Spend This Day With My Ex-Boyfriend!

When we are single during Valentine’s, because we have just broken up with our boyfriend, we are just grateful that our nagging boyfriend, as our friends called him, is now behind our back.

5. Thank Goodness I Won’t Have To Exchange My Goodies With Somebody As A Sign Of My Commitment And Love!

Valentine’s is like a trading game where we girls often think that we have to prove our commitment towards the boy. So when we are without a boyfriend, we just want to enjoy this amazing experience of singlehood!

4. Am I So Insignificant That No One Recognizes Me?

When we don’t have a date on Valentine’s, we often start wondering why no one seems to notice our beauty, our way of dressing. Despite spending substantial time on makeup, why did no one care to make our day memorable!

3. I Won’t Be Single Forever. My Mr. Right Is On The Way.

This is the right attitude to have on any Valentine’s Day. Some of us do encourage ourselves that much. After all, all days are never the same. We might not be anybody`s sweetheart but that doesn’t mean we are destined to be single for all our lives. Very soon we will find the love of our life. Just wait until the next Valentine’s!

2. What’s Wrong In Spending A Valentine All By Myself?

The world operates in such a way that everyone is expected to have a boyfriend by Valentine’s. Some might even fake a relationship just for the formality or something, but the relationship ends with the end of the day. And who said you cannot be alone and be happy on Valentine’s? A question like, “Do I even have anything to lose or gain for that matter?” is common with some of us during Valentine’s.

1. Could It Be That I Have A Secret Admirer?

When we are all alone we like to go back to some place free from disruptions and start to wonder whether there could be a secret admirer out there. Deep down in our hearts we wish if only that secret admirer, if any, would approach us. Rhetorical questions keep lingering on in our mind for instance, like, “Why does he fear me?”, “Is he not a man enough?”, “Why is he waiting?”, Oh! My angel I love you, if only you were here my Valentine’s would have been amazing!

To some of us being single on Valentine’s can be an awful and lonely experience. We pray that such a case won’t repeat itself next Valentine’s. While for some others, being all alone on the day is a great relief! Whichever way, we girls like it when we have someone in mind who adores and appreciates us. So boys, what are you waiting for? Do your thing and sweep us off our feet!

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