Japan’s Wisteria Tunnels Are A Blooming Floral Dream

Approximately five hours from Tokyo lives a glorious floral wonder in the country known primarily for its enchanting beauty. The Kawachi Wisteria Garden in the wooded hills just south of central Kitakyushu is covered in a magnificent, fairytale-like bloom twice a year, and for this reason alone a trip to Japan should be on your list. For the country may have a breathtaking amount of allure, but this garden is where you will step into the land of your dreams. The Kawachi Garden houses twenty different species of one hundred and fifty flowering wisteria plants, but the sight to behold are perhaps the two magical Wisteria Tunnels that are entirely blanketed in the blooms during the flowering season, tricking the eyes to believe that the tunnels are, in fact, made out of flowers. 

Japan's Wisteria Tunnels Are A Blooming Floral Dream
via Kawachi Fujien

The wisteria flowers that grace the garden with their presence come in a variety of vibrant colors – whites and blues and pinks and purples and violets – a meditative, tinted dream right in front of our eyes. The best way to go around is, of course, on foot. To take in the sum of beauty and be mesmerized by it while walking slow, carefree steps is an experience unmatched. 

Japan's Wisteria Tunnels Are A Blooming Floral Dream
via Kawachi Fujien

The hundred-meters or so tunnels are made of wisteria trees. Look up a little, and you will see a mystical ceiling made from nothing but drooping flowers that come from a collection of large trees.l of the same family. 

Japan's Wisteria Tunnels Are A Blooming Floral Dream
via Kawachi Fujien

It is, then, only redundant to tell you that the utopian garden sees thousands of spectators every year, all as equally dumbfounded and mesmerized by the blooming beauty. Twice a year the Wisteria Garden comes to life; its blooming seasons are late April to early May, and then from mid November to early December. For the visitors planning to witness the spectacle during the first half of a year, this is also when you will witness Japan in its grandeur – this is the Cherry Blossom season, the time when the entire country comes to life and breathes nothing but bubbly joy. 

If you’re all set to go see the Wisteria Tunnels, we recommend pre-booking your tickets. It is always safer to have your tickets in advance for, as Spring comes knocking, visitors come flocking. You may however, be asked to pay extra even if you have the tickets on you. This is because the entry fees always vary. 

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