Have A Break: You Can Now Make Your Own KitKat In Japan & Sydney!

The perfect balance of wafer and chocolate, was first introduced in 1935. The history of KitKat is self-explanatory after that. It has become a child’s evening snack, an adult’s break snack, and remains one of the most successful chocolate brands of the 21st century. 

Japan is an aesthetic country widely known for its culture, traditions and landscape. To add more, food has an extra twist in Japan. Where you get sushi flavored anything and everything, you can expect Japan to add its twist to Kitkat! 

1973, When Japan decided to take a break!

KitKat was welcomed by Japan in 1973, an alarming year as it became the all-new obsession of people and chocolate manufacturers. Well, who can blame them? 

The wrinkled, often red packet of this confectionary is found in local grocery stores, as you drive through the neon-lit streets of Japan. There are currently over 300 limited editions of Kitkat. Served with fine dining, children’s gifts and valentine proposals, Kitkat has surely made a place in the highest parts of the sweets’ market in Japan. 

Have A Break: You Can Now Make Your Own KitKat In Japan & Sydney!

Can you really make your own KitKat in Japan?

Coming to one of the many Kitkat selling places, this Kitkat Chocolatory allows visitors to add their magic in the desert! Green tea and strawberry are no longer strangers, as you make your own specialized KitKat and witness the process. 

If you want to make your own version KitKat, you start by picking the couverture chocolate you want to use: milk, ruby or bitter. Next, you cover the mould with the melted chocolate and shake it to cover the mould completely. Now, start layering the wafers. Press them a bit for goodship, and the excess chocolate pops up. Spread it evenly to cover the wafers as well. Lastly, add the toppings. 

The choice of toppings and the personalized box is made before the making process. You tick all the toppings you want, followed by selecting the kind of box you wish to take away your KitKat in. The finished product is good to eat for a week, but most people prefer to eat it right after. 

Sydney is not far behind when it comes to custom KitKat!

Sydney also welcomed a similar Chocolatory. You can order a special KitKat hot chocolate or any other dessert for a comfortable dine-in. The unique bars and their ingredients are selected virtually, as you tap on a big screen and browse through the collection.

Personalised packaging comes with the pack, and you can also add a name and message! Thus, it acts as a beautiful gift for a loved one. There is a chocolate train that shows yummy slices of chocolate to visitors. 

The brand has a bright future, as new flavors are being introduced every year. I am very excited to make my own KitKat! Which toppings will you choose? 

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