Matte, Gloss, Metallic Or Satin? Which One Of These Lipsticks Suit Your Lip Shape?

Lipsticks have always been extremely instrumental in making our lips attractive and getting them all the rightful attention. Be it adding colour to our look or spice to our life, lipsticks have never disappointed us. However, while choosing a lipstick, one must be very careful of what goes best with the shape of their lips. Though the colour is not an issue and you are allowed to go completely wild with your choice of lip colours, there may be certain textures that go better with your lip shape.

If you have thin lips and you think they are unattractive, you have been doing it all wrong! The magical combination of glossy lipstick and thin lips will certainly produce an illusion of the full lips you have been feeling deprived of.  So, on days that you feel particularly deprived of full lips, put that lip gloss and allow the shine of your lips to brighten your day!

Matte, Gloss, metallic or satin? Which one of these lipsticks suit your lip shape?

If you have full lips, well good for you since you don’t have to be a complete artist and rebuild your lip with the pencil. However, merely having full lips does not mean you can do justice to any type of lipstick. For example, while applying gloss you have to be careful not to overdo it because it will make your already full lips look puffier and shiny, not a look you would want to put on for work. However, a good quality matte lipstick, perfectly applied along the periphery of your lips can prove to be your go to look! They will stick to your lips, take its shape and add a statement look to your face!

Matte, Gloss, metallic or satin? Which one of these lipsticks suit your lip shape?

If you have heart shaped, heavy lower or heavy upper lips get yourself the metallic lipstick! This lipstick will work perfectly to highlight your lips. Thus, it works best for lips that are not in perfect symmetry. Either the upper lip is puffier than the lower one or vice-versa. This lipstick makes the lips look pouty and create a dimension to your lips that it naturally lacks.

If you want to play it safe and have the best of both worlds then satin lipstick is your go to! With the perfect amount of matte and just the right touch of cream, this lipstick works on any kind of lips. So, if you have full, thin, wide, heart shaped lips, this stick is your life saver!

Matte, Gloss, Metallic Or Satin? Which One Of These Lipsticks Suit Your Lip Shape?

While different types of lipstick go best with different types of lip shapes, I’d say go ahead and flaunt those lips of yours with whatever you are best comfortable with and if you feel too daring, mix up the above mentioned combinations and let us know below how that worked for you!

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