Our Essential Packing Guide For Your First Cruise Tour

Packing for a cruise tour is difficult because, on the one hand, you want to make sure that you cover all of your basics: not only do you need to bring items for your time aboard the ship, but you also need to carry items for your shore excursions, not to mention transportation to and from the cruise. On the other hand, you’re constrained by things like airline luggage allowances and not having to lug about a bunch of items you’ll never use during the trip.

Packing For A Cruise Tour? Don't Miss These Essentials!

So let’s sum it up into categories and make sure you’re not missing any essentials. Have sticky notes by your side and, while reading our list of what to pack, write down things you need to remember to keep!

Make a decision

Packing For A Cruise Tour? Don't Miss These Essentials!

While packing for a cruise tour, decide if you want to pack a new wardrobe for every day of your vacation or whether you’d rather pay to have part of your clothing washed while you’re away. Check ahead of time to discover whether your cruise ship has self-service laundry facilities.

Remember these while packing for a cruise tour


Because you’ll most likely be visiting interesting ports in other nations, you’ll need to bring identification.

Insurance coverage

It is important to have adequate coverage. Because the yacht usually begins its voyage in America, cruising frequently gives the impression that you are still in America. But consider where you’re going and whether you want to be at a nearby hospital in case of an emergency.


Packing For A Cruise Tour? Don't Miss These Essentials!

You’ll want to start having fun as soon as you board the cruise. So, while your luggage is being brought to your hotel, keep the necessities nearby in a lightweight carry-on.

Extra battery or a portable charger

When the battery in your camera, smartphone, or tablet runs out, it’s no fun. Bring gadget chargers as well as a portable charger for charging on the move.


In the evenings, females should dress elegantly, while men should wear slacks and a collared shirt. You should dress up for cruises that have formal nights.

An umbrella

The majority of cruises visit places that receive a surprising amount of rain. There have always been rainy days on the cruises taken where a travel umbrella was needed.


SHOES! We know you won’t forget the flip flops, but if you intend to work out or climb the aboard rock climbing wall, pack some sneakers, dressy shoes for formal nights, and anti-slip, closed-toed water shoes for all of those busy shore excursions.

A beach blanket

If you intend to spend any time at the beach, you must get this nylon beach blanket. Because it is made of nylon, it folds up tiny and light, conserving important storage space. 

Ziplock bags

Bringing resealable Ziplock bags is one of the wisest decisions you can make. Ziplocs are worth their weight in gold for anything from keeping your phone/wallet dry while swimming to keeping wet items separate from your dry bags.


When you’re out at sea, believe it or not, there’s a lot to view. Many passengers like carrying a set of binoculars to view people from afar or simply look at other ships out on the wide ocean.

Anti-wrinkle spray

There will be no iron in your cabin. So, carry some wrinkle spray with you to guarantee your clothes look picture-perfect right out of the bag. Don’t have one? You might try using your hair straighter for your collars and short clothes; it works surprisingly well.


Packing For A Cruise Tour? Don't Miss These Essentials!

You don’t typically carry cash with you on a daily basis. Credit cards are accepted everywhere in the country. But if you’re going on a cruise, make sure you have enough cash to carry you through the vacation.

A waterproof case

A waterproof case is a must-have whether you’re lounging by the pool or don’t want to leave your valuables on the beach while swimming. Use it to keep your phone, wallet, keys, and other valuables dry as a bone so you don’t have to be concerned simply because you want to go swimming.

Have you forgotten anything? There’s a high possibility you’ll be able to locate it at one of the onboard stores – but keep in mind that they don’t open until the ship departs the port.

Just remember to have fun!

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