Places That Look Like They Are Straight Out Of A Fairytale!

I have grown up reading fairy tales. The broadcasting of the Disney films did nothing but fuel my imagination of how charming everything about fairy tales was, be it the beautiful princess, the handsome prince, the concept of falling in love or the gorgeous extravagant castles. I used to imagine the lives of the princesses in those castles so much that the brightness of my colourful imagination began to caste a shadow on the mundane reality that I was living in. If only I could see those breath-taking places, the white castles and the clear waters, but I had no luck as a child!

What I am going to talk about in this article is something that the young girl in me had spent every day wishing for. Here are five places around the world that look like they are taken straight out of a fairy tale!

Norway, Frozen 2

Places That Look Like They Are Straight Out Of A Fairytale!

As much as Frozen preaches to ‘Let it go’, the one thing that we can never possibly let go off is the surreal white beauty of the Disney animation. Turns out, Frozen isn’t as unreal as it seems and the team of Frozen had in reality visited Norway to gain some inspiration to create this Disney wonder. The kingdom of Arendelle is originally inspired from several locations in Norway. To name a few, the Arendelle’s castle is inspired from a church in Norway called the Heddal Church. The landscapes and the scenery in the movie and Norway share several similarities. Not only is the built of the magical city inspired from real life Norway but also the music, art and fashion has a Nordic touch to it. 

Samoa, Moana

Places That Look Like They Are Straight Out Of A Fairytale!

This Disney movie was a hit not only because of the realistic animations and adventurous plot but because it went beyond the conventional ideology of a fragile princess who needs to be rescued. Here Moana as a character is a very brave princess who goes against all odds to help the people of her island which is referred to as the Motunui island in the movie. Though there is no Motunui island in reality, this lush green island is actually inspired from and to an extent very similar to the Polynesian island, Samoa. In reality the filmmakers went beyond their capacities and visited several islands before they found the one. Finally, the island of Samoa became the main inspiration behind the Disney movie location of Motunui island. 

Mont Saint Michel, Tangled

Places That Look Like They Are Straight Out Of A Fairytale!

As magical as it may seem, the castle where Rapunzel’s parents lived in the Disney movie Tangled is not as unreal as you may think. The castle in the film was originally inspired by an island village and the castle of Mont Saint Michel. The original castle is also as breath taking if not more, in real life. The architecture, the greenery, the gigantism all looks like it has been adapted from a fairy tale, who knew that a fairy tale was adapted from this beautiful reality?

Alsace France, Beauty and the Beast

Places That Look Like They Are Straight Out Of A Fairytale!

Alsace is a region in France that shares its borders with Switzerland and Germany. Now that the geographical part is done let me get to the part that really matters, the fairy tale. Alsace is a beautiful place with colourful streets, small timbered houses, widespread markets and an overall festive environment. Not only is it a pleasant sight but if you look closely this place will surely remind you of the residence of one of your favourite Disney princesses. Yes, you got it right! It is exactly like Belle’s town from Beauty and the Beast! Who knows, this land may still have a girl who is beautiful in-out running down the streets in the morning and deep down hoping to find the love of her life!

Neuschwanstein Castle, Cinderella and Snow White

Places That Look Like They Are Straight Out Of A Fairytale!

While the plot of both these Disney movies were magical, the one thing that was more eye catching than anything else was the castle! Who knew that too was inspired? Let me put it this way, once upon a time, in a faraway land there lived a king- King Ludwig II. He always dreamt of making a castle that was beyond anyone’s imagination, that is a gateway to a dreamland, and so he did. However, the expenditure that took place in building this castle made the entire kingdom bankrupt and to overthrow him, his ministers declared him as mentally unfit. The next day, his body was found near a river. Guess that didn’t end so well. However, keeping the harsh reality aside and slipping into our little world of fantasy, did you know that this castle was a major inspiration behind the castles shown in the movies of Cinderella and Snow White? And if that is not enough, this castle is also used in the Walt Disney logo! While building the castle didn’t work in King Ludwig’s favour, it sure worked for Disney!

Now that you know that these places exist in real life, pack your bags and rush to your favourite ones before it is too late! You might just find your prince charming there, who knows?

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