Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark

Denmark is the fifth safest country in the world, and its capital Copenhagen unequivocally jolly. As soon as you step out into the city’s streets, the cheery vibe engulfs you, inviting you to experience the very spirit that leaves residents and visitors as one. 

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark

Copenhagen was long the center of the Danish Empire; historical palaces, monuments and relics dot the rich-in-culture city. Modern Copenhagen vibes on an artsy, contemporary note with new-age architecture, high-tech transit system and vibrant streets. Though starkly different and often juxtaposing each other, the old and the new come together in union. 

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark

The city is a sun bowl – it gets 17 hours of sun during its pleasant summers. In its harsh winter, streets light up the dull atmosphere and that is why, even below freezing point, the streets are always busy. Filled with remarkable places to see and a plethora of activities to do, Copenhagen should make it to every traveller’s wander-list. Go through our brief guide to get ready for your next adventure!

Best time to travel to Copenhagen

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark

Undoubtedly, your best bet at  experiencing Copenhagen, and the whole of Denmark, is during peak summer. These are the weeks that bask in the sun for 17 hours. However, the crowd might be overwhelming. 

This is why we recommend visiting the city in April, May or September. These ‘free’ months also mean cheaper hotel rooms and such. 

If you love Christmas-y streets and cities, December should be your go-to month. The entire city lights up with Christmas markets, wonderful snow and cheerful residents.

You’ll love Copenhagen if

You are interested in art, history and culture.

You enjoy local food when you travel 

You love the culture that absorbs streets and local markets

You like cycling

You love water. Yes, when in Copenhagen, you are always beside the sea. 

You can appreciate Opera 

You want to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Copenhagen has often been called the happiest city in the world!

Where should you head to?

Freetown Christiana 

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark
via Wikimedia Commons/ Pudelek

A hippie commune where you can go to hang out, see some beer gardens and watch colourful people getting high. 

The Round Tower

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark
via Wikimedia Commons/ Dietmar Rabich

A 17th Century tower that was built as an observatory, and just so happens to be the oldest functional observatory in Europe!

The Danish National Gallery

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark
via Wikimedia Commons/ User:Alphalphi

A phenomenal gallery that hosts over 9,000 works of brilliant artists like Rembrandt, Picasso, and Matisse.

The Rosenborg Castle

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark
via Wikimedia Commons/ Marco Almbauer

A 17th Century palace that has all kinds of royal artifacts

The Opera House

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark
via Wikimedia Commons/ Julian Herzog

What you shouldn’t miss

Exploring the city on a bike

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark
via Wikimedia Commons/ Jim Kelly

There might be many ways to get around Copenhagen, but rent a bike(bikes are available all around the city) for a local experience. While you’re at it,  ride through the Six Forgotten Giants route and enjoy a scenic view. 

The Danish nightlife

via Wikimedia Commons/ Roei.tabak

A world in its own.

Hanging out in the Norrebro

via Wikimedia Commons/ Kristoffer Trolle

Get a little tipsy at this little drink corner of the city and feel what makes the Danish the happiest lot among us all. 

Going on a boat tour

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark

Float through idyllic canals and view the city as you move farther.

Scrumptious Danish pastries

Available everywhere!

Look out for 

Copenhagen Jazz Festival, in July

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark
via Wikimedia Commons/ Guillaume Baviere

King’s New Square Christmas Market, in November and December

Otherworldly decorations at the Tivoli Pleasure Park, in December

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark
via Wikimedia Commons/ Willem van de Poll

Culture Night, during fall break 

Places To See: Copenhagen In Denmark
via Wikimedia Commons/ Leif Jørgensen

CPH PIX, the country’s largest film festival

via Wikimedia Commons/ Jakobsteensennielsen

All set to visit the magical land of Copenhagen?

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