Confession Stories: What Was Senior School Love For Me Like!

This one is dedicated to my friend, my love; who lifted me up, to my grayest clouds who was the sun. 

Isn’t Love Crazy?

Love. Love is like a ghost. A ghost roaming in the dark trying to traumatize every person. The ones who catch it become day-dreamers. They escape into a land of reveries where their consciousness is dimmed and the senses are made independent of necessity. While the ones who oppose the ‘love ghost’ so strong miss so much on life- from daydreaming to happy sleeplessness.


Love is a pure feeling- not just about intimate moments and long drives. At senior school level, it’s about activa rides and coy hand-shakes. Talking about my experience of it, it was nonetheless pure, breathtaking and somewhat heartbreaking- like every love story is?

So, we were the best of friends- the ones who casually land at your house and then end up staying for the entire day. We made memories, we hugged, we loved. It was, say, a bright morning when we exchanged glances at our tuition classes. That day, there was something different in the air- some uneasiness and some comfort. We, as best friends, parked our vehicles in the same place every day and always walked to the tuition together. It happened the same way until… 

The Icebreaker: He Or She?

Until he held my hand and asked me to slow down. I did. The part where he held my hand seemed really simple. I can still recall him wearing a white T-shirt while I wore a crimson top. We talked about random things, we talked about his ex and mine. We talked about his trip to Manali and my plan for my cousin’s birthday. We talked about how people are jealous of their friend being friends with others. We talked. We talked until…

(Gentle reminder: We are already late for the tuition and there are classmates around). Until he kissed my cheek. I was numb, happy, thrilled, confused- all at once. Then came a flood of words that went somewhat like- “You know, had it not been for you, I won’t have believed in love again. Now that I do, do you plan to be my seat partner until college do us part? Do you plan to etch your name with mine on the school desks? Will you spend the games period sitting under the tree with me?” He went on until…

Until I hugged him tight and told him that he was only mine to embrace and his hands were only mine to hold. This happy thing continued for so long, still seems like it was yesterday that we first hugged. 


And Then It Faded…

We drove back to home together, we went to the canteen together, we bunked classes together. We did everything we could to paint our ‘forever’. But, tragic as it may sound, forever is a myth. When your bestfriend becomes your lover, you lose everything at once. Maybe not instantly, at least fleetingly. We still managed to talk for months until…

Until I texted, “I gave you more than I gave myself, So loyal to you that I betrayed myself.” The friendship that knew no bias, came to an end, beat by pride. Nonetheless, I still cherish every moment we lived together, every memory we carved on our hearts together, be it as friends or as lovers! I cherish the smile his name brings to my face, how it reminds me about that one kiss that changed our lives.

confession story

It takes but a moment to fall for a love that takes but a lifetime to recover from. This is an anonymous user contribution. To share your stories, email them to

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