Smart Nail Chips: Is That Your Nail Making The Call?

Technology has come a far way and every new invention that comes our way just blows my mind. Scientists and inventors have created such prolific products that it almost takes my breath away. It is sometimes even hard to believe that a product as such could be made which not only makes it fun to use but is indeed very helpful. Such was the invention of the Smart Nail Chips. Who would have thought that you could multitask with just a flick of your finger (literally) and half of your work would be done and dusted right there? 

You know when you look at your nails and hope that they looked more aesthetic and pretty? If yes, then Smart Nail Chips are the ones for you. They are colourful and beautiful. Oh, and also, these nails can make phone calls, send messages, and give you an option to share and doodle memos. The world at the tip of your finger quite literally. 

This nail chip can also serve as a prepaid card for commuters. This makes it very easy for people to travel by trains and buses. With just one flash, commuters can pay their fair without waiting in long queues. The technology has come so far but it still amazes me how unique a product can be. It’s almost like a little phone in your nail. Such devices can be really helpful for women and men, both when they travel alone or late at night.

In such times, it is very important to be alert as to what kind of people we can come across. Devices, such as the Smart Nail Chip, can be put to a lot of use as it can send the SOS messages to your loved ones in under a few seconds. Since we are always in a hurry for everything, this device makes everything so much simpler and faster. This can be well used when we forget to carry our cell phones with us. The nail chip can also send your location instantly to your choice of contacts. This makes it a lot safer for women. 

A huge disadvantage of this device is that a lot of times a clip-on nail can fall off very easily. This makes the amount of money spent after an expensive nail to waste. It is also dangerous and quite risky if it ever was to fall into wrong hands. Almost all your information, especially your contacts and previous locations are bare to a random stranger who for all you know might be a guy from the subway station who creepily stares at dogs. 

Losing this little gem can cause a lot of havoc in anyone’s life thus, making sure that it’s intact all the time is of great importance. But with that comes the fact that you will have to keep on checking whether the expensive nail that you paid for from your hard-earned money is not dangling off your nail like a monkey on a crowbar in a circus. 

But there are more advantages than compared to disadvantages here. The Smart Nail Chip will not only be like your mini phone but also it will be a fashion accessory. Imagine wearing your huge phone like an accessory. Who could even pull that off? If I were to get a chance to buy this device, I would buy it just to see if it stays intact on my nail like its life depends on it or does it just fall off after sticking to my nail after some time.

The company has produced different sizes to suit the taste of the consumers but the Nail Chip is adjustable too. All one has to do is place the nail on whichever finger they are comfortable with the most and adjust it to their size.  The nail comes in with a lot of designs and colours keeping up with various trends. A few nails also have a light installed in the chip (don’t ask how). So if it gets really dark, you know where to find your flashlight.

This chip has been launched in China along with other countries and so far the reviews received by the company are not bad. Actually, a lot of consumers are happy with the product and plan on buying a few more just for backup. Although, on the flip side, a handful of consumers have complained about the nails falling off constantly. So make a wise choice and take all these advantages and disadvantages into consideration because you don’t want to nail yourself (pun intended) over the fact that you could have bought it or shouldn’t have bought it. With wide varieties and ranges to choose from, it is bound to make a lot of customers happy.Also read: Robots Smaller Than The Cross Section Of A Single Human Hair: What For?

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