This Lake Is Freckled!

British Columbia (BC) is the westernmost province in Canada, between the pacific ocean and the rocky mountains. Its population is somewhere close to 5.1 million. BC’s geography is different from Canada, so much so that it has a separate category of its own. The province occupies what is known as the country’s Cordillera region, which is a vastly extended, thickly forested area of enormous mountain ranges, valleys, and long, stretched out rivers.

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There’s a diverse mix of vegetation and it’s mainly due to the rainy climate. The most notable feature is the wide array of evergreen trees which once formed the backbone of the province’s historically lumber-based economy. British Columbia, as we now know, was originally two distinct colonies- the British colony of Vancouver Island and the mainland territory of New Caledonia. The region was known as the Oregon territory during the joint us-British rule.

Osoyoos (pronounced oh-soo-yuss or uh-soo-yuss) lake is a lake located in British Columbia and Washington. This lake has gathered a lot of popularity mainly due to its distinct feature of being a “spotted lake”. A “spotted lake” is one which is quite literally, spotted. These “spots” appear because of the high content of magnesium sulfate. They appear around summertime when the lake dries up. These spots are large and are somewhat colored due to the mineral composition and seasonal precipitation.

I have a personal love for Canada. Its people, the government, the weather, the million lakes, MAPLE SYRUP, and oh, Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham are the top 5 solid reasons I love that country. Canadians love their Great White North for all the right reasons!

Let’s talk about one of my most favorite things. Lakes, and daydreaming. I mean if you enjoy sitting by a lake and staring away into nothingness or reading a book by a lake or anything particularly on those lines, then you must visit the Osoyoos lake. This distinct lake is often referred to as the “warmest lake in Canada”, although it’s not exactly warm but warmer than other lakes that are almost glacial. It’s in fact, okay to swim in this lake.

There’s just so much one can do here! People visit this lake to get a hint of warmth in the otherwise perpetually cold weather.

There are all kinds of activities for people of all age groups: – 

  • Swimming and water sports – Due to the Osoyoos being comparatively warmer than other lakes, people love to take a dip and stretch their muscles and bodies in its waters. From swimming, kayaking, canoeing, jet skis to paddleboarding; there are infinite options to spending a hot summers’ day here.
  • Golfing – At Osoyoos, they have a (personal) golf course called the Osoyoos Golf Club. This club offers 36 championship holes, along with a driving range and a putting green.
  • Art Museums – The art and the artists are mainly found at the Okanagan Art Gallery. This art museum exhibits works of local as well as world-renowned artists. This is one beautiful escape for art enthusiasts.
  • Local Wineries – There Are several local wineries, and the wine aficionados can spend their time-devouring and celebrating the uniqueness of each family-owned farm enterprise or a magnificent architectural and cultural gem that boasts international awards for their wines. Nk’Mip Cellars, the first aboriginal owned winery in North America, is in Osoyoos.
  • Canal Biking – Located at the northern end of the Osoyoos lake, there’s the Okanagan River Canal which is almost perfect for biking or hiking.

Or if you’re like me, then you must take a walk on the beaches. Match your steps to the rhythm of the waves. The town is home to Canada’s only desert environment. The Okanagan desert is centered around the city of Osoyoos and is the only semi-arid shrubland in Canada.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, business (according to reports) has survived here. People have visited Okanagan, a town 120 kilometers away from Osoyoos, that happens to have enough cases but business doesn’t seem to be impacted by it in Osoyoos. Tourists hailing from as far as Europe have visited Osoyoos to unwind and get some of that downtime they needed during the pandemic which has forced each one of us to stay at home.

The total number of lakes in Canada remains unidentified and Osoyoos exists as a hidden spot with a scanty population. Over the years, it has gained some popularity with foreigners. This town almost has it all. The visitor’s guide states that it’s  “wholesome”, “golf, spas, beaches, wineries, orchards, culinary delights, mountains, wildlife watching, First Nations culture and eco desert experience” and just about everything you’d add to your ‘things-to-do on vacation list’.

It’s in fact, safe to say that we love this country for all the right reasons! Take a trip to British Columbia, spend some time with yourself, gather the lost pieces, walk by the beaches, and free your mind. You need it, hell we all do. 

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