Snakes, Tribes And Volcanos: 5 Islands You Can’t Visit

Don’t we all love to explore new parts of the world? Especially while travelling, I am always keen to visit places not listed on the Wikipedia page of that country, unravel the mist of old towns as I observe the natural environment and the reality of cultures. There is a pure sense of affirmation felt during the visit, and a sense of satisfaction after it, as you go through your camera roll.

Snakes, Tribes And Volcanos: 5 Islands You Can’t Visit

However, did you know there are some islands you cannot visit? Some are deadly, while others are illegal to be compared as a vacating spot! We have collected 5 islands you cannot visit, where you can’t even enter, let alone enjoy the sun on the beach while getting a tan.

North Sentinel Island, India

Patrolled by the Indian Navy, this island prohibits any tourism. It is mainly due to the fact that the tribal population residing there have no immunity to deal with possible infectious diseases. However, in order to protect the tribe, the residents usually ‘resolve to be violent to keep their isolation’. Sentinel Island is a part of the Andaman chain, and this special protection has been provided directly by the Indian Government since 1956.

Surtsey Island, Iceland

This one may not have people, but naturality which is much more dangerous. This volcanic island was declared off-limits to tourists in 1967 after its eruption. But there is another reason for this rule to be established- scientists wanted to monitor the colonisation process of flora and fauna. Since it was created by an explosion that continued for 4 years, no sightseeing is allowed. Only a few geologists and scientists are allowed after legal procedures.

Ilha da Queimada Grande, Brazil

This beautiful, sun filled and welcoming island would have been the main attraction for Brazil, only if it hadn’t been welcomed by venomous snakes. The current inhabitants of this island, the most poisonous serpents can cause sudden, painful death. The government has passed a law that it is illegal to step on this ‘Snake Island’, thus, clarifying how vicious the situation is.

Gruinard Island, Scotland

Based in the Scottish Highlands, this island is tiny, and at first glance, no one would expect something out of the blue. However, this piece of land carries past experiments that the government practised during World War II. Anthrax bombs are known to be experimented with here, and even though it was declared safe in 1990, people aren’t highly convinced.

North Brother Island, USA

Who would have thought that an island, where no tourists are allowed, is in New York? North Brother island is one of the most popular abandoned places in the world! Home to the Typhoid Mary, the first American carrier of typhoid fever was quarantined on this island. Later, this landmass was made to be a rehabilitation centre for drug addicts. Currently, this island is a bird sanctuary (pretty surprising, but a transformation we appreciate).

Some gave me chills, while others made me appreciate the beauty and bliss of nature. Which one is your favourite?

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