Sustainable Fashion Is Evergreen. Ever. Too. Green!

Here’s something none of us really thought about. Well, the ignorant majority of us, that is. The clothes we wear, the shoes we love and the fashion trends going around are responsible for around 10 percent of global carbon emissions.


Surprised? The fashion industry we follow so ardently consumes 93 billion cubic metres of water per year and throws approximately 500,000 tonnes of plastic microfibers into the waters, making it one of the most harmful industries we know.

Sustainable fashion, therefore, seems to be a form of repentance and comes as a breath of fresh air just when we need it most.

Sustainable Fashion Is Evergreen. Ever. Too. Green!

From algae-sequin dresses to mushroom shoes, designers, scientists and designer-scientists are finding trendy ways to make up for all the years of deadly fashion!

Let’s have a look at some of the most ingenious fashion pieces and trends being developed by these crafty minds

The seaweed raincoat and algae-sequin dress

NY designer Charlotte McCurdy is known for her experiments with algae, seaweed and fashion, making her one of the most environment-friendly designers you could come across.
The glistening fabric she devised in a lab is carbon-free!

Along with fashion designer Philip Lim she came up with the shimmering algae-sequin dress – a total tree hugger if you ask us.

Demonstrating the possibility of go-green fashion, she created a glimmering algae plastic raincoat.

McCurdy says she won’t be monetising her innovative pieces, but because she takes environmental change very seriously, has crafted these items just to showcase the possibilities in sustainable fashion

The bacterial dye

As a way to reduce the use of toxic chemicals, excessive water utilisation and dumping of toxic water into oceans – everything that happens in the dyeing process – Dutch designers Laura Luchtman and Ilfa Siebenhaar have been experimenting with pigments naturally released by micro-organisms during multiplication.

Deploying these bacteria on clothes results in dyes of vibrant colours without any sort of toxicity whatsoever.

Lutchman admits seeing the horrifying impact of the fashion industry on the ecosystem, which is just what prompted her to look for eco-friendly solutions.

The shoes of mushroom

Mylo, a leather made from mushroom roots, has been found to be a great option for sustainable shoes!

Sustainable Fashion Is Evergreen. Ever. Too. Green!

Bolt Threads, a startup based in California teamed up with names such as Adidas, Lululemon, Kering and Stella McCartney to build production facilities for this alternative. A splendid collection of Mylo shoes was displayed by McCarty early this year, and Adidas has come out with its own mushroom shoes, known as the “Stan Smith’!

Even though designers are coming up with sustainable options, it might not be as easy to get the world to switch to environment-kind fashion products. But there’s no final word on that yet. How gracefully the world has embraced kinder products has always been surprising, so there is still a lot of hope in this regard.

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