7 Techniques To Improve Your Concentration Like A Pro!

How to improve concentration when

Ding! New video released

Ding! Oh, it’s mom asking how I am doing.

Ding! Damn, there’s new gossip on the group chat.

Isn’t this an endless spiral of distractions? The moment you pick up the phone to attend to your notifications is when it goes downhill. Suddenly, before even realizing it, you are stuck in the loop of REPLY – SCROLL MINDLESSLY – GET LOST IN THOUGHTS – REGRET – REPEAT. Is it just me or do you experience this on a daily basis, too?

We’re all aware that concentration is the key to completing any and every task on time. It is chiefly influenced by your attention span and the ability to facilitate focus with the goal of finishing tasks on time, barring any sort of procrastination, and when done right, can lead to a guilt-free mood.

Living in a world where interruptions are almost every minute, it is hard to improve our concentration power. Most of the time, lack of concentration leads to delays in the process of delivering our projects to their best potential. But hey! We have got you covered. Here are 7 easy ways in which you can improve your concentration skills:

Create a comfortable workspace

7 Techniques To Improve Your Concentration Like A Pro!

The pandemic has made us sit at home for the amount of time we never expected.  Most of the people working from home require having a comfortable workspace that feels good to be a part of – it is a prerequisite. This ensures that we don’t compromise on the quality of the work and deliver it in the given time frame.

Customize your workspace as per your convenience. Factors like the table being too low or the chair being too high can hinder a pleasant working experience. Let your table have that extra touch of motivation with quotes, pictures, and scented candles so that you feel like staying there for longer periods of time. 

Meditate everyday

Meditate everyday

It is very important to align your chaotic thoughts and calm down those anxious nerves in order to focus on yourself and your work for the rest of the day. It’s not about sitting in a corner with legs crossed and eyes closed, lost in deep thoughts. It’s about taking out time to accept all that is going on in your head while filtering out the negative energy, and trying to focus more on how to calm your mind. 

This helps in having a clear and terse thought process, so that you don’t worry about the things that may not even matter at that point, and concentrate on the piece of work laid in front of you.

Pay attention to your sleep schedule

7 Techniques To Improve Your Concentration Like A Pro!

“Just one more episode” can cost you a lot. Sleep deprivation can have adverse effects on your concentration levels. Often leading to stress, anxiety, attention deficiency, etc., a troubled sleep schedule does not only affect your performance but also keeps you in a cranky and irritated mood all day.

Try to wind down before going to bed by taking a warm shower, reading a page or two of your favorite book, or even following a self-care night routine. Cut off screens an hour before bed to avoid disturbed sleep. Waking up and sleeping at the same time also helps in adapting yourself to a healthy routine.

Follow a healthy diet

Follow a healthy diet

What you eat can largely influence your mood, attention span, and feelings, indirectly affecting your concentration. High or low sugar intake can also have adverse effects on the ability to focus. 

Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast helps in keeping a balanced mood throughout the day. Hunger makes it harder to concentrate so don’t hesitate to munch on some healthy snacks while working!

Control distractions

7 Techniques To Improve Your Concentration Like A Pro!

Most of the time, phone notifications, personal or promotional emails, etc. can barge in abruptly and break the workflow, making it difficult to get back to it again. Mobile phones are not the only distracting factors, either.  However, a sudden deviation triggering the loss in the train of thoughts can lead to wandering mindlessly, losing the track of time.

If this happens with you, keeping the distractions away or switching off all the alerts can really help. Some digital applications that monitor your concentration and shut down your devices in a set time frame also come in handy. Being observant towards distractions just when you are about to lose focus helps in keeping alert about the amount of time you would end up wasting.

Prioritise your task

7 Techniques To Improve Your Concentration Like A Pro!

Multitasking is something all of us want to try our hand at. Often, while concentrating on a huge chunk of work at once, all we accomplish is different incomplete pieces of work lying on the table, and then we have no idea how to complete them on time.

Trying to finish 5 difficult tasks at once might lead us nowhere. But try to get done with 2 difficult tasks and 1 easy one in the given time frame. Deciding the amount of time to give to a particular project based on how important/difficult it is, helps in time management.

Take breaks

7 Techniques To Improve Your Concentration Like A Pro!

Overloading yourself with work is only going to lead to stress and exhaustion. Working continuously without taking time off at regular intervals causes a decline in attention span and also impacts your performance negatively. 

Taking regular breaks in between tasks helps in keeping your mind fresh and motivated to work. Take a walk, go cycling, spend some time with your plants, drink a cup of coffee, peacefully experience the sunset or just lie down. Sedentary behavior, too, leads to inconveniences and unhealthy posture. Exercising or doing a bit of yoga helps a lot. 

So now you know how to improve concentration. Which of these tips are you going to follow when you need to get something done? Share with us!

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