These Are The 5 Oldest Trees Of The World!

Have you ever wondered about how old the tree near your house is? I mean, I know we usually do not engage in such a thought but did you know the giant tree near you might be literally thousands of years old?!

Yes! There is a fine possibility of the trees around you being here for ages. Trees have literally seen the world evolving! We usually don’t think about it and many might have a nice memory of planting one so the neighboring trees being too old, often simply never occurs. Well, to your surprise and mine, the age of a tree is not figured out by their size but the number of rings that are formed on the trunk as they grow old with each passing year!

Of course, this has led humanity to find out some of the oldest trees in the world! So be ready to get amazed by the age of these 5 trees which are believed to be the oldest trees in the world!


The 5 Oldest Trees Of The World!
Wikimedia Commons/ J Zapell

This cute little name belongs to a way older tree that you can imagine! Pando trees are basically the clone of each other where they share one common root, so they may look like a group of individual trees but the story below the ground is different from what it seems above the ground. The reason they top the list here is that they date back to being 80,000 years old! And yes they are still alive so who knows when they are going to keep growing. These beautiful yellow tall trees are in the USA, so in case you want a picture with one of the oldest living organisms, plan a trip to Fishlake National Forest, Utah.

Jurupa Oak

The 5 Oldest Trees Of The World!
Wikimedia commons / Galen Parks Smith

Just like the Pando trees, Jurupa Oak is not an individual tree but a Clonal colony tree that rests in the Jurupa Mountain, California, USA. Being very much alive the tree is spread in a long-range and was discovered a decade ago and is believed to be 13,000 years old! A mountain full of one of the oldest trees sure does sounds like a plot of a fictional movie!

Old Tjikko

The 5 Oldest Trees Of The World!
Wikimedia Commons/Karl Brodowsky

Unlike the two trees mentioned above, this tree does not stand with a bunch of its clones but regenerates them on the same spot, giving it a look of being an individual tree standing the odds of time. The name perfectly fits the tree as it is believed to be 9,550 years old. The tree was discovered in Sweden in 2008 and since then has been in the spotlight.

Great Basin Bristlecone Pine

The 5 Oldest Trees Of The World!
Wikimedia Commons / Famartin 

The 5,071 years old tree sure looks too beautiful in a way that it also looks like a great old tree from some fictional story! The tree is alive and stands proudly in California, USA. The USA definitely seems to be topping this list, right? Unlike the above trees, this one is the oldest individual tree in the world with no cloning process. The tree was named as the oldest tree in the world in 2012 as if this was supposed to be a shocker!


The 5 Oldest Trees Of The World!
Wikimedia Commons/Jrbouldin at English Wikipedia

The name sure sounds like a warrior, the tree itself is no less than a fallen warrior. The tree is not alive anymore but sure is counted as one of the oldest trees of the world as it dates back to being 4,862 to 4,900 years old! The tree is in Nevada, USA. However, people do understand the fact of this tree is one of the oldest so its slab is kept in the Great Basin Visiting Centre where you are more than welcome to get an experience of counting the rings of one of the oldest trees in the world!

            The tree lovers would be happy to know that most of these trees are in one country so you don’t have to visit five different countries in case you are having an urge to get some pictures with some of the oldest living organisms in the world!

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