The 7 Best Street Performers In Prague

The Czech capital of Prague is as delightful to inhabitants as it is to tourists wandering the jovial streets. Known primarily for its dreamy, fairytale-like heritage, the city offers an enchanting experience in every discoverable nook and corner. Here a musician swaying with his guitar, there a dancer gently tapping her foot. As it goes for any place in the world, the true essence of Prague thrives on its streets. Honoring the rich, vibrant culture of the capital, we bring you the 7 most captivating street performers in Prague.

The 7 Best Street Performers In Prague
All the roads lead here. Also all crowds lead here. Lots of people gather here. Advertisers, psychos, performers, attention seekers. ..You can go up the astronomical clock tower and jostle for photos from the top balcony. Via Wikimedia Commons/mendhak

Frozen in Space 

You have to be just as far as a step away from the living, breathing statues frozen in space and time to understand that they are, in fact, our fellow humans. Dressed in golden and silver, you can find these static beings every here and there. They hold poses for hours, but don’t run away if they decide to break away from their trance and hold your hand. 

Levitating Monks 

To juxtapose our living statues, we have floating monks. No matter how many times, for how many hours you see these yogis, you never get used to it. Experts and ‘non-believers’ think this trick is bogus; how can a human possibly defy gravity like this? 

Whatever may be the truth behind these street performers of Prague, they have become some of the most sought after artists, having pulled an impossible move with ease. 

Freestyle Street Dancers

Street dance in Prague is not just dancing. An art form on its own, the city’s speciality dance looks a lot like hocus-pocus. What else would you call it when a break dancer performs complicated steps while balancing a football on his toes? You can find these dancers in the afternoons, by the plaza, setting up their jukeboxes and moving in a world of their own. 

The Acrobat 

Have you always been fascinated by videos of acrobats performing ‘magic’ moves? The spectacular acrobat in Prague, can be found in the Old Town every now and then. He juggles swords, plays with hoops and moves with agility in ways the mind can’t comprehend. To go see the eccentric acrobat is to know that your day will be packed with fun, thanks to his humor and light-hearted nature. 

The Folk Band 

You can only experience the true culture that lives in the bridges and buildings of Prague when you hear the folk band playing music belonging to days now gone. Elements of modernity are always present in the pulsing, vibrating music of this three-man band that plays in Old Town. The bewitching members of the band look just as curious – long cloaks, Aladdin shoes – are we in a fairytale?

The Graffiti Artists

Prague is covered in art, and one of the major reasons is the appreciation for painting not only in museums but also on walls lining the city. Watch graffiti artists bring their aerosol cans and get to work. Jolly music plays in the background, the artists resigned in a state of flow. When the colors come together, the onlookers are bewildered. This is a local art you can’t afford to skip witnessing – take back with you graffiti art made on canvas and find memories. 

Bubble Artists 

If you are ever met with a giant soap bubble in Prague, congratulations! Soap bubble performance on the squares of Prague is nothing short of pure art. The bubbles aren’t just jiggling circles; the artists blow soap bubbles using varied shapes of rings – squares, rectangles and more. The big ones are just as delighted and burst out with laughter as young kids, the seriousness of life melts away when a bubble hits you softly and drenches you in its soapy self. 

These were the 7 street performers in Prague your visit to Czech Republic is incomplete without.

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