Rabbit Body Language : 7 Things Bunnies Want You To Know

If only animals could talk as well! Life would have been so much more pleasant and easy. But it’s the bond that matters, especially when it comes to the pet-human relationship. Owners tend to understand what their pets are trying to tell them, either through their body language or by their behavior. Some of these pets who try to express their feelings through their little performances are bunnies. Yes, these cute little power packs have a whole lot of ways to convey what they want. From the type of running to adorably weird noises, every action has a message behind it. So, we are here to shed some light on their baby-like efforts so that you will be able to understand them better. Here are 7 things bunnies are trying to tell you through their rabbit body language:


Rabbit Body Language : 7 Things Bunnies Want You To Know

Have you seen how your cats try to own you by marking their territory? Yeah, the thing that they do while rubbing themselves on your leg. Well, chinning is the same. Only replace the cats with rabbits. When your bunny rubs or places its chin on you, they are telling the world, out loud, that you belong to them. Yes, you might think that you are the owner but to them, it’s them who own you. Ah, so cute already! Hey, the idea of being owned by an adorable bunny is not so bad!

The leg dig

Rabbit Body Language : 7 Things Bunnies Want You To Know

Do you ever wonder what your bunny is doing when it digs its legs between yours? Well, rabbit body language experts say this is their way of indicating that they need some attention from you. If it was up to them, they would have become the centerpiece of their owner’s life! This digging thing is also a way to ask for treats! You can differentiate based on the time. If it’s mealtime, it’s a call for treats for sure!

Kicking up feet

Rabbit Body Language : 7 Things Bunnies Want You To Know

Sadly, if your bunny does this to you, they are not happy. Bunnies kicking up their feet means that they are not happy with you or you have done something wrong to them. Or at least that’s what is happening according to them, even if you have done nothing wrong. In their little minds, they are kicking dirt on their opponent’s face. Cute, right? But not to them. So, even if you happen to like this adorable habit, it might not be that great for your relationship with your pet.


Rabbit Body Language : 7 Things Bunnies Want You To Know

Consider yourself the chosen one if your bunny licks you. This is their way of showing their affection towards you. Rabbits generally groom each other by licking their partners or friends. To them, they are doing the same thing to you. So yeah, that grooming session that they are giving you shows is the sign of a deeper bond in making! In fact, the same goes for cats and dogs as well. They too love to lick you to show how much they value you!


This gentle bite is not at all threatening. In fact, it may mean that they want your attention. This is their way to get you to look at them. At this point of time, they simply might be looking for some pets. Another reason for nipping might be them feeling threatened. Not in a serious way, but good enough for a nip. This is unusual when they feel that you are taking their territory. 


Rabbit Body Language : 7 Things Bunnies Want You To Know

If you hear your bunny making a thumping noise, something is wrong. They make this sound when they feel legitimately threatened or are sensing some kind of danger. Thumping is a sound that they make through their hind legs. So look out for that. It might not be something serious for you, but for them, it’s a red alert.


You must have already noticed your bunnies running around with a godspeed when they are happy. Yes, this is their way of showing their excitement. It can be for anything: a treat, a pet, or simply some good mood! So if your bunny does this a lot, well, it simply means that you are doing a great job of taking care of this cute little athlete!

Did knowing rabbit body language a little more more help you?

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