The 7 Newest Languages Of The World 

There are over 7,000 languages spoken around the globe, yet how humans fall short of words to express themselves is always astounding. But we strive towards perfection in discourse, and so the process of languages being born – evolved or constructed – never ceases. Today, we cover the 7 youngest, i.e., newest languages that are used in our world. 

The 7 Newest Languages Of The World 
via Wikimedia Commons/AA.VV

36 years old – Light Warlpiri

Light Warlpiri is perhaps the youngest language in our world today. In the late 1980s and ’90s, linguists worked to combine two languages at the risk of extinction: Traditional Warlpiri and Kriol languages. The hybrid language is thus an attempt to turn the oldest language in the world into its youngest. Part of the diction of Light Warlpiri is borrowed from standard Australian English. Around 350 people speak this language, the oldest native speakers being as young as only 35 years old!

39 years old – Guniyandi

The 7 Newest Languages Of The World 
via Wikimedia Commons/Sulletsan

Guniyandi was meant to be the language spoken commonly by Australian tribes such as Bunuba and Kronik. It meant to replace their original languages. The Australian aboriginal language is, unlike many in this criteria, one of the youngest aboriginal languages we know of. It has parts of Bunuma, the great Kriol and some other aboriginal languages.

Presently, only around 100 people speak Guniyandi. The language is critically endangered. 

73 years old – Israeli Hebrew 

Israeli Hebrew and Hebrew and almost two distinct languages. The Hebrew that was spoken. 2,000 years ago is nearly unintelligible. The Hebrew of today is a new, evolved language also known as Israeli Hebrew. 

Because Hebrew has gone extinct many times(but returned back just the same), the revivals have been entirely different. 

Israeli Hebrew is the youngest version of Hebrew, only 73 years old and completely modernized. 

81 years old – Sona

Sona, the language of global use, was constructed to be the one that brought the world together. The language is based on English, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. 

In his 1935 book, creator Kenneth Searight detailed diction and grammatical rules for the usage of Sona. The language is presently used by only a hundred people. 

109 years old – Albanian 

The language of independent Albania, Albanian has been spoken for centuries but was only officially recognised after the country gained independence. The language had been recognised by the Ottoman Empire after the uprisings of 1910 and 1911. Albanian was recognised as a minority language by the empire, but there are 7.6 million people who speak it today!

113 years old – Ido 

Ido is a lot like the next language on our list – Esperanto. People reached out to the creator of Esperanto, linguist L. L. Zamenhof, with complaints about the language. To address these problems, the linguist reformed the language and created Reformed Esperanto. Over time, this language took a path of its own and evolved into a new language called Ido. Currently, 500 people speak Ido, none of them being native speakers of this language. 

133 years old – Esperanto 

Esperanto is an artificial language that was planned out by Dr. L. L. Zamenhof. It was designed to be a universal language – one that could be spoken by everyone in the world and would thus transcend regional, national and linguistic boundaries, leading to universal brotherhood. It has around 920 word roots(largely from Latin, and some from German, Polish, English and Russian) and 16 simple grammatical rules that, when used correctly, can create thousands of words. 

There are around 2 million people who speak Esperanto today, making it the most widely spoken made up language. For 1.000 people around the world, it is a first language!

Which of the newest languages do you want to learn? Tell us in the comments below.

Now that you know the newest languages of our world, don’t miss reading about the oldest languages on earth!

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