10 Easy Lizard Pets For Beginners

There are many reasons for choosing reptiles over cats and dogs when you’re considering a pet. While the reps might not be (read: very) openly loving and cuddly, they’re fun in their own way. For one, you don’t have a lot of trouble cleaning them. They take less space, and they don’t bother you as much. Unconventional? Sure. But reptiles can make excellent pets if you provide them with their very basic needs. And lizards, at that, are teeny-meeny scalies that won’t mind eating some bugs for you. If you’re looking to get a pet for the first time or you want one that doesn’t need much, we have the 10 easiest lizard pets for you. Let’s get started

Green Basilisk

10 Easy Lizard Pets For Beginners
via Wikimedia Commons/Hans Hillewaert

One of the most beautiful lizards, the Green Basilisk will be an absolute beauty to own. They have a very vibrant green color and a plume on the head. They are great at swimming and can run over water. No, they are not gods but yeah they do have this god-like ability! Basically, it shouldn’t be a shock that they are also known as the ‘Jesus Christ Lizard’! They can grow as long as 3 feet! You will have to take care of their diet as they prefer an omnivorous diet along with some fruits from time to time. They are mostly found in the tropical rainforests in Central America and are a great choice for beginners!

African Fire Skink

10 Easy Lizard Pets For Beginners
via Wikipedia v

They look absolutely beautiful and somewhat resemble a snake. But not like a scary snake! More like a cute one. They are found in Africa, of course, duh, that was in the name. They have a beautiful bright red color making them a unique pet to own. They are the shy ones so try not to stick with them all the time. They do not require any specifics but do need a substrate to dig! Their diet is usually small insects so nothing to worry about in that area as well. They are one of the cute little lizards that grow as long as 14 to 15 inches!

Gargoyle Gecko

10 Easy Lizard Pets For Beginners
via Wikimedia Commons/LA Dawson

One of the coolest names, to be honest. Their month looks like they are always smiling which makes them really cute. They can be found in New Colorado and are related to the Crested Gecko. Unlike your dog, they do not require much attention or care, so they’re easy-peasy lizard pets. Their requirements are very basic. They are of beautiful brown color and can grow as long as 8 inches. They are mostly shy in nature and can live for 10 to 15 years. Long-term commitment for sure!

Savannah Monitor

10 Easy Lizard Pets For Beginners
via Wikimedia Commons/Bjoertvedt

Yeah, they are definitely for the people who are looking for something big! They are smaller in comparison to other monitors. They grow 2 to 3 feet in length and are easy to manage for beginners. They can do a nice mice hunt if you want since they eat mice and insects. They are African Savannah natives and are in the light brown shade! They are smart so you will have to keep an eye on them so that they don’t run away. They too can live a long life, as long as 15 to 20 years!

Long-Tailed Lizard

10 Easy Lizard Pets For Beginners
via Wikimedia Commons/Greg Schechter

One of the most beautiful looking lizards is the long-tailed lizard. They have a beautiful long tail that is one of their main attractions. In fact, the tail is so long that it can be three times longer than their body! Yeah, let that sink in. However, their size still remains as long as 8 inches. Basically, they are actually small. They are also known as the Asian Grass lizards. They live 5 to 6 years and are very energetic. If you go for them, make sure their habitat is full of leaves and tree branches., And theyoo be the best lizard pets ever.


10 Easy Lizard Pets For Beginners
via Wikimedia Commons/Mehmetkrckrc

There is no chance that you are not aware of these beautiful reptiles. Their beauty is just extremely captivating and they are very famous for their color changing ability. They are slow and an absolute beauty to look at. They grow as long as 27 inches depending on the species. However, they require a lot of care and are easily stressed out. They are not a fan of captivity and live only 2 years in captivity. So it is very important to make them feel safe if you choose them as your lizard pets!

Golden Dust Day Gecko

10 Easy Lizard Pets For Beginners
via Wikimedia Commons/Pharaoh Hound

Just like their beautiful name, they are extremely unique and charming to look at. Their color is very vibrant and is a nice combination of green, yellow, and red. They are a native of Madagascar. They live for about 10 years and can be easily stressed out. However, they do not require much attention and grow as long as 5 to 6 inches. They are more suitable for display and are very good for beginners!

Chinese Water Dragon

/via Wikimedia Commons/Rushenb

The Chinese water dragons are extremely adorable with vibrant green color. Most of their requirements are easy to provide, however, they do require a humid habitat. They can be as long as 3 feet making it obvious that you will need a larger tank if you choose them as your pet. The average life expectancy is about 15 to 20 years and they are great swimmers. So you will also have to ensure some form of water body so that they can do their favorite activity!

Green Anole

10 Easy Lizard Pets For Beginners
via Wikimedia Commons/Paul Hirst (Phirst)

Their lively green color will surely hypnotize you with its beauty. They can extend their unique-looking dewlaps under their neck. They are shy in nature and do not require much handling making it an easy choice for beginners. They are not that long as they grow about 5 to 8 inches in length. They live for about 3 to 6 years and require a lot of leaves in their habitat to hide and lick dewdrops. A suitable and beautiful choice for new owners!

Blue-tongue Skink

via Wikimedia Commons/Paulr

You will fall in love with their beautiful blue tongue. They are also known as the bright blue tongue. A very straightforward name, if you ask us. They are Australian natives and are omnivorous in nature. They are a very good choice for beginners and can live up to 20 years! Yeah, that long! They are shy in nature but have a strong bite if threatened. They can grow as long as 20 inches so their habitat size is also to be kept in mind!

So which one of these potential lizard pets seems like an ideal choice to you? Each one of them is adorable and good enough for beginners. So, whichever you choose, we are sure you will love it!

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