The Best E-Readers To Buy In 2022

Even though it’s easy to opt for a phone or a tablet to read, there are devices that are dedicated just for reading. Finding the perfect e-reader isn’t simple and an easy task.  E-readers have a real-book display, the elnk resembles physical copies of books. It’s glare-free and replicates the texture of papers. E-ink doesn’t drain the battery like the usual displays of tablets or phones. It reduces eye strain and provides a bigger screen to read. That being said, one of the other benefits of having a dedicated reading device is that it ensures near-zero distraction, while your mobile or tablet would keep buzzing. You can also carry these slim readers anywhere and everywhere, so they make your obvious companions. Today, we talk about the 7 best e-readers that you can buy in 2022 and invest your time in self-growth! 

The Best E-Readers To Buy In 2022

Kobo Libra 2

Get it for: $179.99

The Best E-Readers To Buy In 2022
via Kobo Books

Kobo Libra 2 is the best all-rounder ereader to feed your reading habits. It has Bluetooth connectivity that lets you listen to audiobooks. It has a storage of 32GB. The OverDrive feature lets you borrow library books; its pocket integration allows you to read saved web articles. Certainly one of the best e-readers you’ll get your hands on in 2022, the Kobo Libra 2 also possesses a very streamlined interface and extensive file format support. The battery can stay upto six weeks and it is extremely lightweight. The screen size is seven inches and the screen type is e-ink Carta 1200.

Buy it here.


Get it for: $419.00

The Best E-Readers To Buy In 2022

ONYX BOOX Nova Air C is a flexible e-reader that comes with a stylus. With the stylus you can sketch out designs and make notes anytime while reading, which comes especially handy while studying from course books. It has a big screen measuring 8 inches, and weighs merely 235grams. The battery life can last up to four weeks. It comes out with a large storage of 32GB. The design is sleek; the resolution 300ppi with a Carta Mobius screen. The ONYX BOOX Nova Air C not only works as an e-reader, but also as a tablet. Because it’s an Android device, you can access the Google Play Store as well!

Buy it here.  

Amazon Kindle Oasis 10th Gen

Get it for: $249.99

The Best E-Readers To Buy In 2022
via Amazon

The Amazon Kindle Oasis promises a luxurious reading experience. The backlight can be adjusted from various hues such as white to a warmer yellow in order to reduce eye strain. You can even schedule it to become warmer at bedtime. It also has the typical features of Kindle, like high quality screen with large display of 7 inches and e-ink technology that makes e-reading a realistic experience. The buttons to turn pages are within easy reach. The battery life goes upto six weeks and it is extremely lightweight. The storage can be extended upto 32GB.

Buy it here.

Kobo Clara HD

Get it for: $119.99

The Best E-Readers To Buy In 2022
via Kobo Books

One of the best e-readers, the Kobo Clara HD comes with amber LEDs and an automatic time setter for blue light filters. This is an exclusive feature that can’t be found in any other e-reader. Clara HD is perfectly responsive and the text selection is precise. There’s an internal memory of 8GB. It only weighs 166 grams and the screen size is 6 inches with 300ppi. This reader is affordable and worth every penny. The battery life can go up to four weeks. If you’re looking for a classic e-reader, this is your best bet. 

Buy it here

Kobo Elipsa

Get it for: $399.99

The Best E-Readers To Buy In 2022
via Kobo Books

Kobo’s Elipsa has a huge screen that can excite every book lover. With an e-ink Carta 1200 screen sized at 10.3 inches, the new-age-reader weighs only 382 grams.  1200. Elipsa is a smart e-reader that can even recognize your handwriting! It has other bonus features such as OverDrive, excellent UX, options to create notes and pdfs, Pocket and Dropbox integration. It also comes with a stylus which makes the notes taking work easier. It’s the perfect e-reader for both professional reading as well as for reading as a hobby.

Buy it here. 

ONYX BOOX Max Lumi 2

Get it for: $879.99


A gigantic reader with a 13.3 inch screen, the dream-come true e-reader is larger than an iPad Pro. It runs on Android, so another advantage is that you can use any apps on it. The ONYX BOOX Lumi 2 comes with a stylus which makes note-taking easier. It has a massive storage of 128GB and the screen resolution of 207ppi. The screen type is Carta Mobius. The battery can last upto 5 weeks and it can also be used as an alternate tablet.

Buy it here

NOOK Glowlight Plus 

Get it for: $129.00

via Barnes and Noble

The NOOK Glowlight Plus by Barnes and Noble has a 7.8 inch screen with a bright, crisp image and a soft glow. The screen resolution is 300ppi which is the same as other luxurious e-readers. The device supports both PDF and EPUB documents. It runs on Android, so you can access Google Play Store. It is waterproof and dustproof. It has various blue light filters which can be adjusted to prevent eye strain. It has easy and simple page turning controls and is made up of soft touch plastic. 

Buy it here

These were the best e-readers you can invest in this year. Which one of them are you considering getting? Tell us below!

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