The Biggest Wearable Tech Trends of 2021-22

There were not many wearable tech trends in 2020 due to the ongoing worldwide situation. This is unsurprising given that many wearable electronics products are intended to be worn when we are out and about.

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There were a few exceptions, most notably wearable gadgets with a healthcare role and technologies intended for use in the workplace. Both of these will be major wearable tech trends in 2021-22, but we are likely to see a rebound in other areas as we, hopefully, go out more.

As newer technologies such as 5G becoming available, we may expect to see new form-factor wearables reach the market to address health issues or utilise super-fast networks. Existing forms like as smartwatches and health-monitoring bracelets, on the other hand, are still developing. So, these are some that we believe will be major trends that will affect the wearable technology:

Health-Related Innovation In Wearable Tech

Know All About The Biggest Wearable Tech Trends of 2021-22

Wearable technology makers will continue to prioritise features that help us monitor our health and stay safe in 2021-22. Many smart watchmakers are now including blood oxygen (Sp02) sensors as well as ECG monitors and other sensors that offer both alarms that something is wrong with us and the capacity to analyse data over time and make recommendations about how we might improve our health.

From a health standpoint, the inverse of this process; utilising technology to regulate our brain; may be more helpful for the time being. This is the idea behind gadgets like Cove, which bills itself as “stress cancellation technology.” It is worn over the ears like a headset and employs vibrations delivered to particular regions of the head to generate what it claims is a clinically proven stress-reduction and sleep-enhancing effect.

5G To Unlock Doors To Newer Possibilities in Wearable Tech

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It is a fallacy to believe that 5G is only about higher data transmission rates. To appreciate the impact it will have on all aspects of technology and, by extension, our life, keep in mind that higher speeds mean more data and access to far richer and more diversified data sources from our wearables and mobile devices.

Another benefit of 5G networks is that they enable a far greater number of devices to operate within a geographical region. In congested metropolitan locations, your mobile data connection may be degraded simply because there are too many people nearby all attempting to connect to the same network. In the world of wearables, where we frequently have multiple devices on us competing for bandwidth, 5G should provide a quick fix.

AR Tech Wearables Will Become Less Expensive And More Useful

Know All About The Biggest Wearable Tech Trends of 2021-22
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In most wearable categories, there are currently a variety of devices on the market to suit all budgets. We should expect to see this in categories such as headgear and spectacles, which are still mostly luxury items, in the future year.

Upcoming head-mounted wearables from Google, Facebook, and maybe even Apple will be available as luxury items, but they are also expected to be accessible in scaled-down, low-cost variants. As the user base for these devices grows, so will the creation of apps and data services that can be utilised on them. Wearables will very certainly begin to be aimed squarely at the lifestyle market, rather than business or tech customers.

Smart Clothing and Footwear

Know All About The Biggest Wearable Tech Trends of 2021-22
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Collaborations between fashion and digital businesses, such as the Levi Commuter x Jacquard jacket, are frequently driving this trend. The jacket allows users to manage their phone, access Google services, and monitor the position of their Uber using gestures. 

However, we will continue to see more modern approaches of the technology, such as the Nadi X yoga pants, which track and provide feedback on the wearer’s posture, and the Neviano connected swimsuits, which detect the strength of ultraviolet light they are exposed to and can send warnings to the wearer’s smartphone app if levels are too high.

Clothing has an edge over smaller accessories such as watches and bracelets since it covers a bigger region of the body and can possibly take more in-depth and helpful reasons. Samsung has expressed interest in developing a smart shirt that can detect early warning symptoms of lung disease and other diseases.

Which one of these wearable tech trends will you follow? Tell us in comments below.

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