The Largest Desert In Every Continent

There are so many deserts out there, some you can visit, and some you can’t. Some of these are so beautiful and some are such that you’d get lost in there. Today, you’ll find out the largest deserts in every continent across the world and what they are like. 

brown rock formation on brown sand during daytime

Gobi Desert – Asia

Gobi desert is the largest desert in Asia with average temperatures ranging from −30ºC in winter to 40 °C in summers. It has exquisite wildlife such as snow leopards and Bactrian camels and will give you exotic feels. There are so many things to do on a trip to Gobi Desert which include –

man in black jacket walking on brown sand during daytime

Dunhuang – Desert city close to the Mogao Caves

Zhangye – Lake, mountain, wetland, desert and cliff

Jiayuguan City – Lake, glacier, desert, ancient history and camels

Hohhot – Temple, desert

Oleshky Sands – Europe

Oleshky Sands, the largest European desert, is found in Ukraine and is a major tourist attraction. It consists of numerous bahrans. The average temperature is: -25° C in winter, +25 ° C in summers and sandstorms do not stop. The rains here are pretty rare, but of course, you’d expect that. It’s a famous place where people come to spend time from all across the world and there are many other things you can check out around it but that’s for another article. Till then, if you visit here, don’t forget to visit the Prishhukovoye Iodistoye Lake!

brown sand

Sahara Desert – Africa

This is not only the largest desert in Africa but also the largest and hottest in the world. The average temperature here is 30° C and the highest recorded temperature was 58° C. The wildlife here makes you stop and stare and this place is a wonder in itself. A lot of other things that you can do here include – 

three camels lying on sand dune during twilight
  • Ride a quad bike
  • Desert Spa Days and sitting around campfires
  • Stargazing and watch sunsets
  • Sand surfing

Great Victoria Desert- Australia

Great Victoria Desert is the largest desert in Australia and is the centre of thunderstorms. It is located in South Australia and west Australia.  The average temperature here ranges from 32°C to 40 °C and in winters it’s 18°C to 23 °C. You’ll witness multiple sand dunes, small hills and plains in the 700 km area it spreads through. Some must visit parks around here include – 


Great Victoria Desert Nature Reserve

Nullarbor National Park

Flora and Fauna Conservation Park

Chihuahuan Desert – North America

Chihuahuan Desert is spread in parts of Texas and New Mexico. The average temperature here is 24 °C which varies with change in altitude. The climate here is hot in summers and cold and dry in winters. This is a shrub desert with over 3,500 plant species. The life forms here are exotic in every sense.

brown trees under blue sky

Things to do near Chihuahuan Desert –

Fort Davis National Historic Site

Davis Mountains State Park

Wild Rose Gallery

Madera Canyon Hiking Trail

Jeff Davis County Library

So, where is your next trip going to be?

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